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ASHLYN - May 2

I am 35 weeks pregnant, and I have a clear/snottish looking discharge whenever i wipe after i go to the bathroom. It doesnt smell. What is it? Should I be concerned?


gee - May 2

its mucus plug... theres nothng to be concerned about. its just your cervix thining out!


m - May 15

you might go into labor soon if that's your mucus plug but don't worry i'm probly wrong. good luck


Anna - May 16

It could also be locchia (sp), which is a normal white discharge when you are pregnant. If it doesn't smell and doesn't itch, you are probably OK


Donna - July 6

I am 35 weeks pregnant also and I have the same problem. Its normal, your plug will be pink and have bits of blood in it, as long as it stays clear its fine.


T. - July 6

Anna - I think you mean leukorrhea, lol! I also had a bit of the clear snottish discharge a couple weeks ago. I am 36 weeks now and haven't seen anymore of it. I'm thinking that it was my plug, but I think it's growing back now because it wasn't time for it to come out. I'm not sure though! I've read that if you lose it early, then it will reform until you go into labor. Anywho, good luck! =)


kathy - July 8

I'm 34 weeks and I see it in the toilet after I urinate. Should I be worried that labor is coming?


Tina - July 11

I am 35 weeks pregnant and having the same issue. It IS my mucus plug, confirmed by my doc. I am dialated 1cm and am thinning out quickly. She said that is the beginning of a slow process and when the actual plug comes out it will look like a snot ball with blood trails. Yuck- I know.


leslie - July 22

At 26 weeks, my physician said I was losing my mucus plug. I am now 35 weeks and have just begun to dialate. I have tended to lose mine in very large peices, so I don't think you should worry. You may go quick, but from my experience, you could still last a while!


Rebecca - July 28

It sounds gross but while we are pregnant our bodies produce much more horomones which tend to cause a greater amount of discharge. If it happens for just a day or two it could be the mucas plug...i know it sounds gross. But this happens toward the end of pregnancy. Otherwise be sure to tell the doctor because it may be a yeast infection.


triscia - August 5

im 35 weeks pregnant too and in alot of pregnant magazines it says its normal


Tiffany - August 9

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have begun to loose mine. I started loosing it about a week early with my first son, but lost it over a two week period at which the end of the second week a large piece came out (no blood though like stated a couple times would happen but thats just me) and my water broke with it and i had my son 12 hours later. It started the same way with him that it has with this one....small clumps of it, greenish yellow in color about once or twice a day (not much). Its not just discharge, it actually comes out in clumps.


Gail - August 22

I also have a discharge, but mine is yellow and it is itchy. I dont know what to expect, this is my first baby and i am 36 weeks pregnant, and i am also leaking a watery substance too, my whole crotch was soaked the other day had to change. Can anyone relate to this?


S - August 22

I'm 37 weeks and haven't lost mine yet.....what's up with that....but I am dialated 2 cm and effaced 80%.....what's that mean?


Lori - August 22

I lost my mucous plug at 33 1/2 weeks. I'm now 35 weeks. It was not bloody or brown. It was green and yellow. My docs said no biggie, it could come out weeks before you deliver. She also said that I may notice more of it coming over the next few weeks and it could even form again and come out again closer to time of delivery. One thing she said is that when you lose your mucous plug, she recommends not having s_x cause now cervix is open and open to infection. Other than that, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.


some advise - August 26

Gail, I work for a local health deparment you more than likely have an STD, which is a s_xually transmitted disease. You might want tou you OB doctor about your situation.


guest - August 29

Gail, you most likely have an infection, you should tell your ob right away. If an infection is not treated you could go into preterm labor, better to be safe than sorry. Good Luck dear!



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