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guest - August 29

Gail, you most likely have an infection, you should tell your ob right away. If an infection is not treated you could go into preterm labor, better to be safe than sorry. Good Luck dear!


to "Some advice" - August 29

I don't think you really work in health department and if you do you work washing the restrooms.. how can you tell her its an std? she hasn't even given enough information for you to "guess" its an std! when pregnant its very common to have discharge..it can also be a yeast infetction, UTI, or STD but you don't know this until you go to a doctor and you get checked..you shouldn't be given a diagnostic that not even a doctor would do w/o doing a check up first!


Lindsey - August 29

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have the same discharge. I know from my first pregnancey that what i am experianceing is not the mucus plug, its just locchia. But who knows yours could be something else...


Cinshon - August 29

I'm almost 35 weeks and I've had that snottish looking discharge I felt it when it came out and I think it's part of the mucus plug, I'll ask the doc when I go in Friday


CANDY - September 2

im sorry, i dont know how to get to the questions page, so iam going to ask here. iam supposed to be 31 weeks pregnant but my uterus is 35 cm, does this mean i am 4 weeks ahead, thanks


Amanda - September 11

I have no idea! I am facing the same thing. A Clear to yellow discharge. Low Back pain, ect. I am 35 weeks pregnant and did not have this happen with my first child. My advice is ask your doctor. Thats what I plan to do at my nect appointment. Good Luck!


Lacey - September 11

TO CANDY: hey, from my experience it doesn't mean that ur ahead. Just that your baby is large or in a position that would make your uterus measure larger. Ask your doc what he/she thinks about it next time you get measured. Good luck.


To: Ashlyn and "some advice" - September 12

I'm almost 35 weeks and I also experienced clear to light yellow discharge when wiping after using the bathroom. I'm glad you asked the question because I wasn't sure what it was also. Don't listen to that "some advice" person. I'm 100% sure that it isn't a STD. Unless your discharge smells, burns, itches or you develop a rash or sores, it's probably your mucus plug or some normal discharge for pregnant women. To "some advice" - myself and other women who have responded to your "advice" are pretty offended by your uneducated a__sumption. Everything isn't an STD so don't tell people it is fact unless you get it straight out of a doctors mouth.


Angie - September 27

I am also 35 weeks pregnate and just resently went thought the simular clear/yellowish discharge. I went to the doctor and she stated that it is very common at this stage, it is a infection and it is important to take medication to clear the infection up, If not taking care of it can cause cause preterm lador. Your best bet is to make a appt. with your doc.. As for the "some advice" that was not a nice thing to state to this woman if your not her doctor and have not check her. Not discharge/cold or rash is a STD and if you do work were you state you work at than you would know this.


lrm - September 29

hi gail i went to the doc about the same thing when your discharge is yellow and your itchy and some liquid is coming out means you have a yeast infection because i went through the same thing its really easy to clear up just get some monistat or canestan dont listen to people that dont know what there talking about they like to just asume things which is wrong



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