35 Wks Would Like To Get Hubby Special Xmas Gift

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Kerri - November 22

Hi, I will be 35 weeks on Friday and due Dec 29. I would like to get my hubby a special Dad Christmas gift and would like any special suggestions. He told me this morning that all he wanted for Christmas was a healthy baby if it came early and it really touched me alot so I would like to give him something special from me and the baby. Any suggestions would be great and thanks!


J - November 22

Do you know the s_x of the baby?


renatusbee - November 23

My hubby and I are due Dec. 21 with our first. I wanted to do the same. He has been so great throught the whole pregnancy and I know he's gonna be an awesome dad to our new little gorl, so I bought him a sterling ID bracelet and I had her name "Gianna" engraved on the outside and "2005" engraved on the inside. He's gonna cry when he gets it! I can't wait! THe only thing is, I haven't decided if I want to give it to him on Christmas, or shortly after the delivery(whichevever comes first?). You know, when all the attention is on me and the baby, to make him feel special! What do you think?


renatusbee - November 23

Oh, and the place to get it! Things Remembered! They have alot of other engraveable gifts too, if your husband doesn't wear jewelry.


Chrisy - November 23

Another idea from things remembered is engraving a picture frame and writing an I love you message or poem of your love for him with a picture of the two of you. Or a message about your new arrival and congrats on being a new father. I want to do something for my husband too. The focus is on us women for such a long time people forget that the daddy's are going through alot too!! Great idea!!


Jaclyn - November 23

It depends on how much money you have to spend...My suggestion is a dvd video camera. I got one for my husband last year & he loved it! He gets to feel like he is a bigger part of the whole pregnancy by playing camera man! It also benefits you & the baby b/c you get to keep all of his "work" as keepsakes.


Mal - November 23

Hi Kerri! We have the same due date! I like the idea about the engraveable stuff. Things Remembered is a great store. They have all kinds of stuff! I would like to get my hubby something also, but we're struggling a little now, and I probably wouldn't be able to get him what I want. I like to make personalized things anyway. I'm into sc___pbooking, so I might make him a little mini album on all the great things he has done for the baby and I during the pregnancy....good luck!


Kerri - November 23

Hi Ladies, Thank you so much for all of the great ideas and I was thinking of an engravable bracelet as well and its hard to tell when to give it to him since I'm not really sure when the baby will arrive. Normally with the first as my ob told me the baby is normally late but I can't see it as I'm really large right now and don't want to know the s_x of the baby until its born so I know that would make it a little more difficult to pick something but all these suggestions are great ways to think of our hubbies. I've been also in Mal's shoes before as we don't either have alot of extra cash right now too especially before Christmas and New Year's but maybe you can get him what you want just a little later but the sc___pbooking idea is also really great and personal that I'm sure your husband will really treasure it. So whatever everyone decides I'm sure our hubbies will like what we get them and once again all of you have great ideas and thanks!!



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