36 Week Exam Question

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beagle1223 - September 26

Hi Ladies, I'm 36 weeks and just had my first internal exam. My question is did it hurt for anyone else? For some reason I was really surprised because it was extremely uncomfortable and it hurt pretty bad during the exam! She also said I wasn't dilating yet either, maybe that's why? Overall, I've had a pretty uneventful pregnancy and every thing has been normal. Now I'm just kind of freaked out because for the next 4 weeks I'm afraid it is going to hurt every time they do this!


docbytch - September 26

They did a manual exam on you? Hmmm. My 36 week appt they checked on the US. But it may be because I am getting more USs than usual due to other risk factors. It's pretty normal for an exam to hurt at this stage I think. There is so much pressure down there already!


AmberNicole - September 26

Unfortunately, they will all be a little painful, and when you're in labor and they check you, it's worse! No one told me that with my ds...had to find out on my own:( I'm now almost 27 weeks with a little girl, and I'm not looking forward to being checked.


WP - September 26

I agree with AmberNicole. Your cervix is probably more sensitive than usual throughout the entire pregnancy, and especially now that you're only a month away. I've decided not to have any internal exams unless my OB thinks I should. They're uncomfortable and don't really tell you a lot. I was 2 cm dilated for 2 months right up until about 3 hours prior to giving birth. Now, I'm content to just wait it out. But it's different for your first. You want to know if you're dilated and/or effaced and that adds to the excitement of the experience.


Kiersten - September 26

Forgive the ignorant first timer, but what exactly do they do? Now I'm thinking that people just don't want me to worry about the pain...no one's told me that it hurt before...? I'm only 30 so I have a little while before I have to worry about that, but what should I be prepared for? :)


Kiersten - September 26

*30 weeks*


DaBonkElsMe - September 26

Do most doctor's start internals at 36 weeks? just wondering.


beagle1223 - September 26

I'm not sure if most doctor's do internal exams or not at 36 weeks. I just know that mine starts them at 36 weeks and checks every week after that until I deliver. Kiersten, my doc told me that she was checking to see how far I was dilated - it was kind of like your yearly checkup where they basically pry you open and feel around in there (sorry, TMI) only it kind of hurt this time but hopefully it won't for you. Now I'm really dreading my appointments where I used to somewhat look forward to them!


nikki1 - September 26

Mine did not hurt until now... I am 37 weeks... I noticed you wroter "she" in your original post, for some reason I think women obs hurt more than men obs, imo.... but that's just my experience, well gl and a way for it not to hurt is to try to be as lease tense as you can.. hope that helped.. Best Wishes, Nikki


emfine99 - September 26

My dr said at 36 weeks they start doing the exams and also at 36 weeks they do the strep b test and then after that weekly exams. I'm not looking forward to it, I have a few more weeks until that. I never find any exam to be comfy.... I always come out a bit sore.


Tory1980 - September 26

We don't have pelvic exams at all through pregnancy unless there is a need for one - ie suspected labour etc. due to the higher risk of infection. They can be uncomfortable but shouldn't actually be painful unless the doctor is poking and prodding harder or more than they should. I have had three labours and even during them they weren't sore just very uncomfortable. You can tell them you don't want a pelvic exam at your appointments - they will tell you little anyway unless you are in proper labour and even if you start dilating now you could go over your due date!


Tink - September 26

i think it is pretty common for OBs to check you starting at 36 weeks. it just depends on your doc and your situation. my doctor has checked me already, at about 30-31 weeks due to some fluid leakage i had after s_x. i was worried it was something bad, so they checked. i was completely closed, so she said it was fine. and yeah, it HURT like hell. i was surprised. i went through a year of fertility treatments where i had v____al u/s about 5x per month, so i was used to be poked and prodded down there for a year. but this hurt so much more than that ever did. so i am not looking forward to the future checks. i am almost 35w now, so i know they will start soon probably. Docbytch- i haven't had an u/s since 18w and won't get another one unless complication occurs, so really checking me is the only way to ensure i am not leaking etc. without an u/s. I would much rather have an u/s! ;)


lmk - September 27

I just had my 36 week appointment, and I did not like that exam! Everything I've read says that how dilated or effaced you are is NO indication of when you'll actually go into labor. So, then what's the point of doing this weekly? I'm trying to think if there's an actual need to do this or it's just something that's done? I don't want to be a difficult patient, but I really need to know there's a reason for my OB doing this, and from what I know, how dialated you are is not relevant unless you're in actual labor. Any opinions?


beagle1223 - September 27

Imk, I completely agree with you! What is the point of doing the exam every week when the amount of dilation is no indication of when labor will be? I wasn't even dilated at all when they did it so now it just seems even more pointless. He'll get here when he's good and ready so why do they have to keep checking? Has anyone ever refused these exams before?


Kiersten - September 27

So it basically feels like a pap? Does it hurt because of the extra pressure down there due to the baby, or are they shoving something bigger than the "spreader"? :) Sorry-TMI! I never really gave it much thought, but now I'm a little nervous. Guess I'll check at my appointment today to see if and why it's a necessity. I don't want to "anticipate" this for the next 6 weeks! lol


angeev - September 27

Mine is next week and my doc told me what to expect for the rest of my appointments. She warned me that is would be more uncomfortable than a pap since things are more sensitive and said that it varies for everyone.


alirenee86 - September 27

Yikes, sorry to hear all this...I know a girl that warned me a while ago about the internal exams as she said it was worse for her than labor! I thought maybe she was being dramatic, but after hearing all this, I'm going to hate it, I know it. I'm 33.5 weeks pregnanat today and go in 2 weeks for a routine ultra-sound to see the position of the baby. The next appt after that is the first internal exam so it's a routine thing they all do. I thought it was to feel the head and keep a good idea of the baby's position...??



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