36 Week Scan

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Lindsey - May 14

Hi, I am having a 36 week scan because I am very overweight (HIGH BMi of +50) and i was wondering why they are doing this, i am measuring 2cm bigger on my belly so they are anticipating that i will be having a large baby, i asked my doctor and he said it was just routine but i am still slightly concerned. Has this happened to anyone else or am i just worrying over nothing.


Lindsey - May 14

Sorry also forgot to say that i have had no health issues throughout this pregnancy and my blood pressure has stayed normal.


angelbebe - May 14

I am pretty sure that a scan at 35-36 weeks is routine. I had one at 35 weeks. And don't let doctors get you concerned about having a large baby. Those scans only give you estimates on weight and they are often off by 20 or 30%. Good luck!


mishy - May 14

In Australia as far as I know, the last routine scan is 20 weeks or so. They only scan later if they want to check something about eg placenta, baby size etc.. I don't believe a 36 week scan is routine. But, they more the merrier, think positive, you get another sneak peek at your little cherub!


mommy2be27 - May 14

I wouldn't be too worried. I went from 240 to 160 then got pregnant immediately after. I am now back to to 240. For 4 months I heard the doctor say I'm gaining too much weight, baby's going to be big, might have to do a C-section. Since I wasn't sure when I conceived my first ultrasound established my due date (when I was 12 wks). At 29 weeks I had another ultrasound... little guy measured at 29 weeks... At my 32 week appt Dr says... you are measuring 30-31 weeks, we may have to push your due date back! So they are doing another ultrasound at 34 weeks (on Thursday) to measure him again. Of course this freaked me out, but the doctor reminded me we are going on ultrasound pictures and to be a week off isn't unusual. Good luck!


Lindsey - May 15

OK thanks, my scan is tomorrow so I will let you all know what happens


mishy - May 15

Here's irony for you.. after my brave words about thinking positive, I was told this morning I will be sent for a 34 week scan because either my uterus has not grown as it should since my 20 week scan OR the baby is just really, really low. I could have told him the baby was really really low, but now I am worried all the same. Too stunned in my appointment to ask any questions about it.. now will have to call him and sound like an idiot.. anyho, best of luck Lindsey, let us know how you go..


Lindsey - May 16

Hi All, i had my scan today and everything was fine, my baby is "normal" size and weight, and my fluid is normal, they have just put the plus 2cm down to my extra fat on my stomach. So I am now looking forward to a normal delivery. Thanks for your support xx


mishy - May 16

Great news!!!



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