36 Weeks 3 Centimeters 50 Effaced

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jennifer - August 19

well, i've been going a bit nuts after finding out at 34+ weeks that i was already 3 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced. my midwife has put me on bed rest at least until sunday, we'll be 36 weeks then. have another doctor's appointment on thursday. my husband and i had a trial run on monday with serious false labor going on, but luckily no change in cervix. has anyone else experienced this? the baby has dropped, definite pressure and achiness in pelvic region. i just wonder if i will go early like my midwife expects, or will i walk around 3 centimeters dilated for 2 more weeks???? i guess only time will tell!


ekay - August 19

I am also 36 weeks, 3cm and 50% effaced. It really sucks never knowing if you are about to pop or not. This is my 3rd baby, which is really the only thing concerning me because of how fast my 2nd came. Unfortunately, it is possible to go another couple weeks at this stage or another couple minutes. I get checked again on Tuesday, so until then I will just have to wait and do a lot of walking.


jen - August 20

it's good to know that someone else is in the same position...this is my first, so, i'm not sure exactly what to expect. you're not concerned about the baby not being ready for the world at 36 weeks? maybe my midwife is being overly cautious, but she has me on modified bed rest, hoping that i won't deliver until week 37 at least. i figure the baby knows better than anyone when she wants to make her debut...her quarters are getting very tight! by the way my stomach has stretched and my belly b___ton has popped out in the last week, i would say she is putting on the weight! i just worry about her lungs, but i have to say, an early arrival would not be uninvited considering how uncomfortable i'm getting! thanks, ekay! ~jennifer


vp - August 21

My baby girl was born at 36 wks on 22/7/05 - she was 5 pound 12 oz & perfectly healthy - her lungs were fine. She had some feeding problems & was gavage fed for the first week. She is now 4 weeks old & weighs 6lb 6oz! Please don't worry, your baby will be fine.


ekay - August 21

I totally agree with you there on the uninvited welcome! I'm also sick and tired of pausing at every little cramp and twinge to wait and see what will come of it! I am a bit scared of the lung development and weight (my other babies were both 8lbs), but infact, my doctor didn't seem concerned at all. Good luck to you


jennifer - August 21

thanks ladies. i do trust that the baby will be fine. my sister is a delivery nurse and says that babies are born at 36 weeks all the time and everything is just fine. ekay, i am in total agreement...every little pull or pain (even gas pain) has me wondering if this is it? but, the days are pa__sing by, and my stomach is definitely growing! we're at 36 weeks today, so i can breath a little easier and just wait for her arrival. thanks for your comments ladies. good luck and congratulations.


C - August 21

For those of you who was 3 cen. dilated did you have any idea you had dilated before the doctor checked? My doctor hasn't checked me I"m 33 and a half weeks but I've pa__sed a discharde of thick slim in the past 2 days that wouldn't be the mucous plug would it? also My stomach keeps getting real hard like it's going to bust, any ideas?



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