36 Weeks Just Need To Talk

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Fab - May 19

Hi ladies. I'm 36 week pregnant and just need to share how I feel. I'm exhausted. I have so much difficulty sleeping at night. Last night I only slept for 4 hours. 3 the night before. I'm so uncomfortable in bed - and in pain - that I have to get up and try to sleep on the couch on a semi seated position. I'm counting the days now - one more week, I'm thinking and baby can come. Don't they say that once you reach the 37 week, baby isn't considered premature anymore ? Sorry girls - I'm happy with the pregnancy but just need to vent. I've been on bedrest for 2 months and it is driving me NUTS now !!!!!! I have a lot more backpain that I used to have now and need to go to the restroom every half hour. I wonder if it means that the baby has dropped... I noticed he changed position but dropped...I'm not sure. I've always carried him very low so it makes it hard to say. Plus, he seems to be in a traverse way. Anyway, I wish you all a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery :))) Love


ree - May 19

Hi Fab, it's ok to vent I would to if I were you. I am only 29 weeks and feel the need to b__w some steam so vent away if it makes you feel better. Being on bed rest couldn't be easy. Your almost there. I think I read somewhere yesterday that at 37 weeks you are full term, but I am no doc by anymeans. why are you on bedrest anyway?? Good luck


Fabienne - May 19

Thanks ree. They put me on bedrest because I had preterm labor symptons. It worked. Since I have been resting like that, my contractions decreased so all is good. When are you due ree? Do you know if it is a boy or a girl ?


w - May 19

Hi Fab, I also feel the same I too am 36 weeks and want to so push this baby out. It is getting frustarting especially having a mother in law around telling u that she wants the baby to come early!! I have tried walking, but I'm not sure that you will be able to that if you have been put on bedrest. I too have noticed that my baby has moved position like it's ready for lift off lol. I have carried high and am having a boy but bear in mind I do have a small body and think that baby has over took it! What date are you due Fab?


ree - May 19

Fab, I am due Aug.1 and I am having a boy!!!!!!! What signs of preterm labor did you have. I have been having a lot of BH's and feeling really c___ppy and crampy for a few days. i think I am just overly paronid but I just haven't feel the best, just wondering....what do you think??


ree to fab - May 20

Hi Fab just thought I would see if your spirits are up any today!!!!!


Hi ree (Fabienne) - May 20

Thanks :) I feel better as I got some sleep last night. I feel a lot more rested this morning - thanks for asking. To answer your previous question, I had painful contractions, back pain and could hardly walk at times. That's why they told me to rest. I would call my doc, ree, if you're unsure of what you're feeling. They're there for that. I didn't dare to call at first because I tend to worry a lot but I finally gave in and she was happy I did and said it was the right thing to do. It was nice to hear. How are you today ? Do you still have that many contractions per hour ? To answer 'w' I'm due June 16th and we're having a boy :))))))


Gogogirl - May 20

Hi, Fab: I am now 36 weeks too, I felt the same too--Gee, baby, mom loves you, but can you come out a bit earlier..... I had a lot of trouble sleeping, not because of the back pain, but because lying down makes her excited and want to move a lot... Last night I slept only 5 hours, at one point I was thinking of standing up while I sleep......I have no choice


Melissa - May 20

I totally know how you are feeling. I had the exact same complaints when I was pregnant. I gave birth to my 3rd boy March 17th, at 38 weeks. I was so miserable I tried castor oil and it worked! I was obviously ready though, or nothing would of happened! It is wonderful to have my baby boy here and be able to bend over, sleep through the night, not have to pee every four minutes, have decent s_x with my husband, and no more pelvic pressure! But, believe it or not, I miss being pregnant and am thinking whether or not to have a fourth child! The last two months are always hard for me. It is important to try and keep your mind on something other than being miserable. It is so hard, I know. Just hang in there. You will not be pregnant forever. Well, gotta go. My little one just woke up and needs to be nursed! Take Care!


Maddie - May 20

Hey Fab...36 weeks and counting as well. Due date is June 15th. I've had a fairly easy pregnancy with this baby boy up until about a week ago. I know am MISERABLE. I am experiencing all kinds of pains...back, v____a, even neck cramps. It hurts to stand up after sitting in my lower left side of back. How bout you? When is your due date? I am going for my second ultrasound on Tuesday to find out how much this baby weighs! I think he's at least 8lbs.! I'll let you know. I also am experiencing a lot more discharge...(TMI?) Pregnancy is SO not glamorous huh? I'm starting to prepare for the labor part of it, I have to keep looking at gory pics of birth on the internet to psych myself up for the actual process of birth. This is my first baby, I'm 21...and scared to death. My husband doesn't really seem to understand the discomfort I'm in, although he IS very helpful to me. I just can't wait to get this baby out. I hope he comes early too.


Fab - May 21

Thanks everybody :) You're right Melissa. I try not to concentrate on the lack of comfort and the pain but try to think ahead and imagine myself holding that cute baby in my arms - that helps. I feel better these days as I've had more sleep than at the beginning of the week. I also went to my OBGyn and she gave me some good news: the baby is head down and has started to descend....Oh I can't wait !!!!!!! How are you guys doing ?



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