36 Weeks And Baby Weighs Around 8lb 4oz

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amanda - December 30

this is my first pregnancy and an ultrasound should that she is the size of a full term baby at 36 weeks!! I have PIH and am swelling so bad that the ultrasound tech said he figured I be induced at 37 weeks. My doctor said not until 39 weeks. Does this seem right? she will weigh 10lbs!!


Sarah - December 30

This is just what I am going through....did they tell you what your fundal height is? I am 36 weeks also. I have an ultrasound coming up to find out how big exactly the baby is and how much fluid is left. Told me my fundal height is 42cms, and that the baby seems very big for 36 weeks. They really don't give enough info, do they?


rl - December 30

wow girl good luck if you are having a v____al delivery!! I would think your doc would induce sooner due to the fact you are really full term by 37wks


amanda - December 30

to sarah- no they didnt tell me about the fundal height but on the ultrasound I watched as he measured the belly of the baby and it said 41 weeks. Let me know what your ultrasound says.


Tanya - December 30

That could be right. I had my son at 37 weeks and he weighed 8pounds 12 ounces.


bump - December 30



shelbi - December 30

the doctors told my sister that her baby was about 9lbs and gave her the OK to induce a month early. when her baby was born, she was only 5.5lbs. ultrasounds are a highly INeffective way to judge baby size in utero.


to all - December 31

I agree with shelbi. Your body & your baby will know when it's time. Inducing often makes labor a lot harder. Having a large baby v____ally is certainly possible. Plus, a baby's growth spurt isn't as rapid toward the end of pregnancy.


Chris - January 1

Hi Amanda, I was told by my doctor that there is not an accurate way to measure baby's weight.


gretchen - January 1

Ultrasounds have a 20% margin of error when taking measurements late during the pregnancy. Since it is your first and you don't have a history, it kind of works against you. There are also a lot of doctors that won't induce before 38 weeks unless they do an amnio to see if the lungs are developed. I had to do that with my last.. It wasn't fun. But... My 36 week ultrasound said 8lb 4 oz and then I was induced at 37 weeks (the day after my amnio) and he was 8lb 13 oz, so the US was pretty right on with him. My first was 10lbs and 8lbs is much easier to push out!



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