36 Weeks And Miserable

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MRM - February 28

Hi all! I am due March 28th and I am sooooo miserable. This is my 3rd and things have gone well so far with this pregnancy. I am just literally trying to get through each day at this point. I am so tired and my baby has dropped and is putting a lot of pressure on my pelvic area. I love being pregnant, but I hate the last 6 weeks, they are so hard. I am having a boy and we are so excited to meet him! Anyone else due around this time and how are you feeling?


layla - February 28

I know how you feel. I am due March 16, and am in my 37th week. I have been pretty miserable lately and can't seem to get anything done because the pressure is getting unbearable. BTW, this is my 4th pregnancy. I have 3 boys already, and this one is a girl! Good luck to you!


Ashley - March 1

I'm due around the same time. I'll be 36 weeks in a few days. I'm feeling really c___ppy and can't wait to get this baby out!!! I've had a difficult pregnancy and just want it to be over! Sorry just having a bad day!


Jessica - March 1

I am due tomorrow =( My baby isnt budging, and I am terribly moody lol. This is my first baby, and I think it has scared me away from having another. =P


E - March 1

Me too!!! I am 36 weeks, due April 1st and can't stand to be pregnant anymore. I fantasize about waking up in the morning NOT pregnant:) It will feel so good, sleep deprived or not. My ribs and tailbone ache, I burp all of the time, and I waddle like a duck. To top it all off, I can't groom my pubic hair for fear of cutting my myself. AGGHHHH!!!!!!


MRM - March 1

Well ladies, sounds like we are all in the same boat! I am just trying to keep as busy as possible, which is not too hard seeing I have two other small children to take care of, and am reminding myself that I will not be pregnant forever (although it seems that way). I packed my bags tonight and also my boys' bag just in case they have to go somewhere overnight. So, I am pretty much ready. It is so funny how when I am not pregnant, I want to be. Then when I am, I want to "get it out". I too fantasize about not being pregnant and being able to bend over, squat down, have s_x comfortably again, sleep on my stomach and not have to pee every 4 minutes. So, try to enjoy the last few weeks as much as possible. This is our last pregnancy, I think, so I am reminding myself to treasure each little movement and kick (although they are getting a bit painful at this point). Good luck to you all and lets keep each other updated!


v - March 2

yes i just lost my mucus plug and am 80 percent 2 positive yet only one dl and it is so uncomfortable at this point im due march 8th but they say a little while and he will be here i am going nuts with anxiety and depression thankgod for my husband!! good luck all!!


Tracey - March 2

I feel your pain ladies. I'm dure March 8th, (just 6 more days!) and I don't think I can stand it any longer. I have a dr. appt. this afternoon and I'm worried I may actually threaten my doc if he lets me go past my due date. She is so low I get these shooting sharp pains in my pelvic area and oh my god the bachaches. Also, I've starting having swelling in my hands and feet the last couple weeks which is a real joy. So now my shoes don't fit and I can hardly bend my fingers at some points in the day. I'm 2 cm and about 65% effaced so maybe I can convince him to induce next week around my due date. If I hear the "let nature take it's course" speech from him one more time, I may slug him. That is only something that would come out of the mouth of a man. I guarantee if my OB were to ever be pregnant, he'd change how he did things! Ok, I feel better now that I vented!


Brooke - March 2

I am due march 12, I am soooo ready!!! I am afraid that I wont go into labor on my own and my doc wont induce me until the 21st. This is my first, does anyone else feel like they will never start labor on their own?


vanessa - March 23

So this is what I have to look forward to...I am 33 weeks..due May 10 with my first baby. I feel miserable, not physically, but emotionally. I work and I have a two hour commute for two days and work from home. The discomfort makes it difficult to concentrate and I always feel behind. Any tips?


Toya - March 23

Vanessa, I am also 33 weeks with my first. I am due on May 8th. Physically I feel great, but I am very anxious to see my baby. I have dreams about her almost every night...47 more days to go! And you know that they say most 1st timers go PAST their due date...arrg!


MRM - March 23

Well I had my baby boy on St. Pat's Day at 38 weeks! I am so glad to be done and to have my body back. My baby is just beautiful and I am enjoying just looking at him, can't believe I grew him! Good Luck ladies and hang in there.


Elizabeth - April 6

Im having the same problem as everyone else 36 weeks pregnant, and just want her to come out.. Im due may 4th and it seems like 28 days is so far away!!! any suggestions??


layla - April 18

I'm now near 37 weeks and getting a c section in 2 weeks. I don't know how to get through each day at times. My baby has dropped and putting so much pressure on my bladder I can hardly make it to the restroom. I feel so emotional and hard to deal with my other son thats 6. I don't mean to cry in front of him, but I can't help it. What do I say to him when he ask why am I so sad? faye


Kami - April 22

I am due in 4 weeks with my first and i totally can relate. i am having such horrible pelvic pressure and an achy feeling down in my v____al area. it gets worse when i have to pee, which is like every 10 seconds! also i am nervous to have this baby only becuase i have gas like all the time! does anyone else toot like all day? i am so nervous i am going to toot everytime i try to push. but good luck to all of you. first time or not, having a baby is so exciting!


jenny - April 25

im 36 weeks and still at work last week thank god, but i cant make it i can hardly walk cant have a drink without going to the toliet cant sleep at night, and the presure down below is so sharp baby due 21 may cant wait for it to be over.i must have the strongest baby in the world as my kicks are so strong they hurt.


EM - April 25

Jenny. I'm due May 22nd and in the exact same boat you are. It used to be v____al pain only when I walked any distance but now I get it just sitting. Trying to sleep in our recliner...worked for a week but now that is very uncomfortable. At work I had to sit down making my way from the bathroom back to my desk because of the pain down there. I'm exhausted from not sleeping well, little Joey likes to press on my ribs one day and my bladder the next like he's dropping then changing his mind. My hormones have also seemed to start raging out of control again (my poor husband!) Good luck to you!



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