36w3d And So Ready Anybody Else

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JessC531 - March 6

Hi ladies. I'm due on the 31st, and it just can't get here fast enough. This is my second pregnancy, and my first was so much easier. I felt great until almost the end - and she was 9 days late! This time I am miserable! I ache all over, I'm exhausted, the baby has dropped (which my daughter never did so this is new to me) and I have lots of pain and pressure down there, and my hips are killing me. I can't sleep because I'm so uncomfortable, and I know I need the sleep now because it's about to disappear for a long time!!! :) It doesn't help that I spend my days chasing around my very active 18 month old daughter. At my last appointment, I was 1cm dilated, 25% effaced, and the head was "quite low" in my pelvis. She said it usually isn't that low that early with a second baby. I'm hoping that means I'll go soon. I really don't think I can make it until the 31st, or God forbid, go late like I did with my little girl. Anybody else in a similar boat? I guess I'm just looking for somebody to vent to/with. :)


CourtneyHope - March 6

I am! I am 38 weeks tomorrow. Went to the doc last Thursday and was 3cm, 70% effaced. Went yesterday and was still 3cm but now 80% effaced. My little darling is super low, and I cannot pee without a little maneuver! I have to go all the time and I have to go bad, but when I do it just trickles out...not fun. Sleeping also sucks cause I have to pee every two hours! I have lots of pain and pressure down there too. This is our first, so we are so ready for her to be here!! It is nice here today, so I am making dh take me for a walk when I get off work...hopefully that will help!


pattford - March 6

jess- I'm right there with you. I'm due 3/31. this will be my 2nd. My son is 2. Went to the doc yesterday and was 2cm dialated, 70% effaced, -2 station. Coudn't believe it! it would be really inconvenient for this baby to come early. we're planning on inducing on 3/24, which helps with childcare planning and such. Anyway, keep me posted.


Megan P - March 7

Me too!!!!!! I am 36 weeks, am chasing around an 18 month old and feel like I'm going to die. Everything hurts, sleep sucks and I am much bigger this time. I only gained 18 pounds with the first and 30 so far with this one and I just feel tired, heavy and sooo irritable. I hope she comes early. I can't do it much longer. Plus, my daughter has decided to become a supreme brat overnight!


pattford - March 7

I gained only 12 pounds with my first, and 18 with this one. I feel pretty normal, pretty good actually. I guess that's why I was shocked to be dialated at all. we'll see what happens. I go back to the doc on thursday.


jacobsmom - March 9

I hear you. My son will be eighteen months this week and I am due with ds on the 27th (c-section). She has been dropping and I was 2cm at last weeks check-up. I am a high school teacher and standing in front of the cla__s I feel like she's about to drop out any minute- ughhh. I gained about 45 pounds with both pregnancies, but that seems to be the norm in my family. Makes it pretty hard to sleep though.


april09 - March 9

I'm 36 weeks today with twin boys and I'm so ready to have them. At today's appointment the doctor said I was at most 2 cm. I've been dealing with strong and sometimes very painful contractions for over 3 weeks (2 of which I was on bed rest) but they don't seem to be doing much! I'm pretty irritable these days because I cannot do much without being totally exhausted or in a lot of pain. I have an almost 3 year old DD to take care of and she keeps me busy! I have a (repeat) c-section scheduled for the 23rd, so I do have an end in sight in just two weeks. jacobsmom I don't know how you can be up on your feet all day! I've been able to work from home vs. the office for the most part these past two weeks and don't know if I would have been able to manage any other way. Best of luck everyone and think, some day we'll get to sleep again (not sure when that will be though)... :)


JessC531 - March 9

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! I go back to the doctor on Wednesday, and I'm praying I've dilated some more. It feels like the baby has dropped more, as it's getting harder and harder to walk. I know I'm just being impatient, but this is all I can think about!! I just want this little guy here!!! I'm banking on the fact that they say second babies usually come a little earlier. Was that true for any of you??


elizabear - March 9

I am so with you ladies!!! I went to grab a few things from the shop this morning and we were only half an hour and my back was killing me, thought maybe it could have been the start of something, but nothing since....had a few minor contractions, up and down every half hour, doc says i need to sleep, been thinking i should ask for a catheta at least then i could get some sleep (joke)! The pressure feels bad and I am finding it hard to sit down anyone else? I usually sit very straight but find it VERY uncomfortable and need to sit further back on my bottom. I would like to come early, but my daughter has her birthday next tuesday, and i don't want them on the same day.


JessC531 - March 21

Anybody have the baby yet??? Not me. 10 days to go until the due date. :)


Jody - March 22

No baby yet for me either! I am due April 2! I am sooooooo ready now!!!


april09 - March 22

I'm heading in tomorrow, scheduled for a c-section with twins at 8:30AM and I cannot wait! I never would have imagined I'd carry these guys to term. I'm excited and nervous and doubt I'll get any sleep tonight! Best wishes to everyone still waiting, it can't be too much longer!


pattford - March 23

No baby yet for me either. I've been 3cm dialated for 2 weeks. We are inducing tomorrow, one week early, for scheduling purposes.



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