37 1 2 Weeks Answer This Please

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Keely - November 9

If you are 37.5 weeks when did you conceive? Feb.20-26 sound right? I am trying to figure out when I conceived, I have a pretty good idea, I am thinking either Feb..23 or 26 . Just wanted to compare with some others. Thanks


Christy - November 9

Well, I was due 11/26 and would have been 37.5 weeks today. My last period was 2/19 and estimated date of conception was around 3/5. (I say I was due because he arrived 19 days early and came on Monday 11/7.)


ABC - November 9

Hey Christy if your estimated date of conception was 3/5 you would have been 36.5 weeks today.


Lynn - November 10

I am due 11/29 so am almost 37.5 weeks. I conceived somewhere between 3/8 and 3/10. My LMP was 2/22. I know when I conceived due to ovulation predictor test. I ovulated a little late though, around day16 of my cycle. But your fertile days would have been 3/5 to 3/12 that month if you have somewhat normal cycles.


Lauren - November 10

I am currently 36.4 weeks and am due on Dec. 5. I have pretty regular cycles and was told I conceived on or near March 14. If you conceived around Feb. 24, your due date would be around Nov. 17 which would make you currently right around 39 weeks. ** To ABC: christy would NOT have been 36.5 weeks yesterday cuz that would have put her at a due date of the first week of Dec. like me.


J - November 10

I am 36 weeks pregnant today, (Nov. 10) and I conceived March 16


Brooke - November 10

I'm 37 weeks today and I conceived March 11th.


Theresa - November 11

I am 36 weeks, next week 37. I conceived on March 6th or 13th I know it was on a sunday but I strongly believe I conceived on March 6th. Doctor said that my due date is December 7th. I think I will have the baby the first week of December.Keely when is your due date?


erin - November 11

I too am 37 weeks today and conceived 3/10 or 3/11, LMP was 2/19 or 2/20 I think, but I was on the pill so the ovulation day is fuzzy.


Theresa - November 11

Erin when is your due date? Is it the second week of December? Im due december 7 so you (Erin) are due December 10-12th?


erin - November 11

I'm due 12/3, I've done several different calculaters and all put me within 2 or 3 days of this date with the conception date of 3/10 or 3/11.


Theresa - November 11

Erin-Im trying the figure out my calculations because I conceived on March 6th or 13th but I really think the 6th but the doctor said the 7th of december. At first they said the 3rd of december I guess its a estimation or something. Erin what you think about what I just told? My conceive day and stuff and what the doctor said?


Theresa - November 11

Erin shouldn't you be due 2 or 3 days after my due date the 7th of december? Girl im just confused so excused my questions, LOL :)


erin - November 11

don't forget that those due dates aren't absolute, based on the size of the baby during that first ultra sound they pick a date. I'd think that if you know you conceived in that week then you are due the first week of December but obviously baby can come early or late. They told me originally 11/29 based on my lmp but then the ultra sound showed a further developed fetus and they used the 12/3. You are in the right ballpark with either date.


erin - November 11

sorry, I guess that should read that the u/s showed a less developed fetus if they bumped date forward. :)


erin - November 11

Theresa-if you conceived on the 13th I would be before, but s_x doesn't necesarily mean conception since the little spermies can live a few days inside you. You can have s_x on Thursday and conceive on Saturday. As I said, the dates are all educated guesses based on the size at u/s.


Theresa - November 11

Thanks for your input that really helped me out.



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