37 Pregnant With 10th 11th And 12th Child

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Cassidy - February 26

Hi to all! I'm 37 years old and have been happily married for over 18 years.I'am the mother of nine wonderful kids: Austyn-18 (girl) Kelsey-17 (girl) Caleb-15 (twin) (boy) Kaelyn-15 (twin) (girl) Hayden-13 (boy) Navaeh-11 (girl) Bradyen-10 (boy) Aidan-7 (twin) (boy) Ashton-3 (boy) Well, I'm 34 weeks pregnant again with my 10th children.I didn't want to know the s_x of the children.But,I'm having triplets.This, is our last pregnancy ..I think.My husband is a lawyer and I'm a nurse.My last child I gave birth to at 35 he has cezuires sometimes and the doctors say it was due to my age because women over 35 have a greater chance of their babies have a birth defects,deformities etc.Now, I'm 37 and having triplets I'm so scared! On, ultrasound they found a very small heart defect in Baby B.I cried my eyes out because I'm so worried. I don't want anything to be wrong with my babies. Do, ya'll think there is a greater chance of something being wrong with my babies since my last child had ceizures due to my age?


Ca__sidy - February 26

Sorry, so long and I didn't mean to put (twin) beside Aidan's name!


Melissa - February 26

Ca__sidy, Congratulations! You are a busy woman! I would say there is always a chance and it becomes greater the older you get. I do not think that because your last child has sezuires that these babies will have major problems. All pregnancies are different and multiples always hold greater odds of medical problems, but not always. It sounds like you are doing well. You are 34 weeks, with triplets, that is great! I would try not to worry too much. If there is really something big wrong with any of your babies, it probably would of showed up on ultrasound or other tests at this point. Relax and good luck!


Ca__sidy - March 1

Hey, everyone I gave birth to two girls and a boy on February 26th.I went into labor at 3:06 a.m.And, at 5:08 a.m Baby Bryant Lee entered the world weighing 4 lbs and 3 oz. then at 5:15 a.m Baby Brendon James entered the world weiging 4 lbs and even (they were indentical) and then at 6:32 a.m Baby Isabella Maria entered the world weighing 3 pounds and 12 oz. I'am so happy, but have to get back to my babies now.Brendon has a small heart defect, but it's nothing serious they are all very good and healthy now, expect Brendon with his little heart problem the doctors said it will not put a great effect on his life.Thank God! Well, thought I'd update ya'll!


Ca__sidy - March 1

Oops, I made a mistake I meant two boys and a girl!


Melissa - March 1

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow, your boys are identical and a little girl to boot. That is awesome! I am sure you are VERY busy, but happy. I am so glad they are all healthy and Brendon's heart defect is not too serious. Hope you have lots of help, try and get some rest and do something special for yourself. Congrats.



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