37 Week Check Up Confused

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dee23 - June 30

i had my 37 week check up today. my doc recons that everything is going text book perfect in her words (even though baby is measuring 35 weeks and she hasent done an internal). however, she has not yet done a test for strep-b. wasent that ment to be done at 36 weeks? do they not do that test in some countries? isnt it an important thing to test for? can i expect her to do this test still? also, when should i expect an internal? cheers.


annie4444 - June 30

I'm the same, 37 weeks. Midwife actually forgot to measure me at my visit on Tuesday and I forgot to ask her! I'm in the UK and I asked about the Strep B and she said that they don't test anyone for it unless there's a specific reason to. She did ask me if I wanted to be tested for it, but apparently the symptoms are discharge and I don't have any of that, so I opted not to. I suppose you can ask for a test if you are worried. I still haven't had an internal exam either. maybe it's too early yet.


Revel - June 30

my dr told me that here in the us they dont test usually they just automatically give the antibiotics for it at time of labor and delivery as a precaution :)


dee23 - June 30

i dont really want to ask for it seeing as i dont really want them to do it lol. but im worried that it will pa__s on if i do have it and no one the wiser. what a stupid infection thing......cant we just come up with a solution that abolishes bacteria and then we wont have to go through this worry or have any problems :(


Kara H. - June 30

The test can be done anytime. Typically 36 is a good time since they should have enough time to get the results back before your 38wk appointment when you could be just about to give birth. Its about the same as a pap test and they are all ready down there anyways to check your cervix. Ask for the test. I personally know two people whose babies got sick from it and several more who found out that they had it from the test and were able to prevent the illness. And besides, if you don't have it, why subject your baby to antibotics that he doesn't need?


Laurabb4 - June 30

The test is part of the 36 week check at my clinic. The start internal exams at 36 weeks at my clinic also. Good luck.


Atarahsmommy - June 30

You should definatly ask your doctor about the test, I wouldn't want to get antibiotics unless they were needed but it can be dangerouse to pa__s that bacteria to your baby. I had my 36 week check up today, I'm 37 weeks (missed the 36 week appointment) and I had the test done and they asked if I wanted an internal but I opted not too because it doesn't mean anything and increases risk of infection (its hard not to be curiouse though) but I'm going back at 39 weeks and they said I'd probably want one then- so I'll see at that time if I do or not. I'm in the US where are you at? I would not worry about the internal but I would ask about the GBS test


piratesmermaid - June 30

I would get the test, just in case. I was dreading it as well, but it's not as bad as a pap, I thought, so there's nothing to worry about and it's always better to be safe than sorry when the baby is concerned. Oh, and the test is good for five weeks, I was told. Don't really understand how, but hey, okay.


ashley - June 30

Its standard precaution in the US to test close to labor. I was tested at 35 weeks. If you had it before they don't test they just automatically give you antibiotics during labor. Ask if you are concerned.


Olivene - June 30

I had the GBS test at 33 weeks- does this mean I have to be tested again? Someone said the test is only good for 5 weeks. Is that true? Dee, I would definitely ask the doc just to be sure!


moucheka - June 30

They can test up to labor, so there is still time. It's not like a pap, at least at my birth center, they let you do it yourself with a q-tip. Also, internal exams are quite common in the US, but unless you have some kind of risk factor, are unnecessary. Statistically, they don't show anything, but many people like to have some indicator of 'progress' so they are quite common. I certainly won't be having any, I would have to specifically request one even if I wanted one. Baby will come when it comes!


ren05 - July 3

hi, i live in australia & not all hospitals over here test for it but mine did & turns out i was group b strep positive.they gave me antibotics during labour.i was also told that thay couldn't perform the test whilst in labour cause the results take to long to get back (48 hours) but maybe different where u live.i would ask about it next check up.


piratesmermaid - July 3

It takes 48 hours in the US to get the results back as well. It was my nurse that told me that the test is good for five weeks, that why they usually don't do it until the 36th week. But that's the only place I've heard about it. Ask your doctor or a nurse your next visit, Olivene, to see if you need it again.


1stTimer - July 4

The reason it takes so long for the result is because they actually let the bacteria (if there is any) grow to see if it's there and that could take a few days.


apr - July 4

I'd say its important to do it. Where I live they dont test you unless you ask to be tested. And you might as well. It's the easiest test. All you do is swab the lower part of your perinium with a long Q-Tip, and you do it on your own (at least where I live). I got my result back within 2 days. And it was negative-whooppee!!! Just tell your doctor you want to do it. They usually forget...


krista-lee - July 4

i never got the test either. i was curious and asked about it and he said that if there was a reason to test it would show up in my bloodwork..


me - July 5

I literally just had it done 2 days ago. I am at 36/37 weeks. I was expecting an internal type thing, but they did not even use a speculum to open me. They took a long cotton swab and brush ed the inside of my vulva and around my a__s to check for the bacteria. I did not get results yet and it has been 4 days now. I will get the results at my next weekly appt. If I test positive, I will be getting antibiotics when I enter the hospital to deliver to preent ransmitting the bacteria to baby. That is it. No biggie. Hope that helps someone!



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