37 Weekers

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Brooke - November 14

Anybody else 37 weeks?? Just wanted to share some experiences. I just started have have insomnia, I'm cramping pretty bad, and have really energetic then really tired spells. Also, today I was feeling pretty nauseated. I'm due Dec. 5th. I am just glad to have hit the 37 week mark. I am officially labeled full-term now! Yippie!!


Jennifer - November 14

Congrats Brooke! I'm 35 weeks and having alot of the same symptoms you are. You're so close now you lucky gal!


Erin - November 14

Hi Brooke- yes I too am 37 weeks but have been telling myself I was going to be early along and starting to get impatient. My dr says I'm almost fully thinned and thinking about dilating, whatever that means. I go Wednesday for my next check and am praying I've dilated something, I hate the "nothing has changed" visits. I've had some cramping, mainly when I lie down but no insomnia. Baby's feet are at my bell b___ton and if I play with him he'll kick back, he finally played with his daddy last night. I'm due the 3rd, but last week dr guessed baby to be 7 - 7.5 lbs already so I'm really hoping not to go past Thanksgiving.


Jackie - November 14

I am also 37 weeks and having the exact same symptoms! I have not dilated yet...but hopefully will happen soon. I am due Dec 3 but am hoping not to go past thanksgiving either.


Lauren - November 14

I am 37 weeks and due Dec 5 also. I have been getting these sharp pains deep down for a week now. I think my insomnia is about to kick back in. I find myself lying in bed for hours after I get up to go to the bathroom. The past few days have been kinda hard for me. It feels like I have a pinced nerve in my b___t of all places. People keep telling me that my little one is sitting on some nerve. I don't know if I have dilated any yet, but I hope so.


Theresa - November 14

Hello 37 weekers. I am also 37 weeks. I am suppose to be due December 7th. At first they said December 3rd. So I know it will be the first week of December, hopefully before Thanksgiving. The baby move so much it bothers me bad when he turns and sometimes it hurts. I can be sitting still and run out of breath or try to catch my breath but I don't be doing nothing. Lauren I have the same thing you have a cramp or pinch nerve in my b___t everytime I take a step and it hurts. I had that for 3-4 weeks on and off. I am having hot flashes and feeling really bad. I want to get this over with asap. I can't hardly sleep at night because I have to go pee, my back aches at night, when I toss to another side my belly is so big it feel like I have a big basketball in my stomach and can't hardly move and especially while I sleep if I move my legs in between my legs are so stiff it feel like I want to cry. This baby is ready to come out because he moves all day. I have been dilated 1cm for two weeks now and Wednesday hopefully I am dilating some more cm at my dr visit. Just venting so sorry for all the typing. LOL :)


Christy - November 14

Hi, girls. I would have been 38 weeks this past Saturday, but I had my son last Monday at 37w2d. (BTW_ He weighed 8lb!) All I have to say is do everything you can to get ready now. I thought I was going to have at least another week or two to finish preparing, but my son had other plans for me. And don't think that if you are or aren't dialated that the baby is coming or not coming soon. I never had an internal exam and when I went to the hospital, I was only 2 cm dilated at -3 station and not too effaced, but my water had broken. Within 12 hours, I had a screaming baby boy. Anyway, I know it is hard to believe there is anything enjoyable about being pregnant at this point, but enjoy what time you have left of your pregnancy. I actually miss being pregnant and feeling his little kicks and rolls, but the bonding, cuddling and kissing well make up for it. Now if I could only fix the sleep deprivation problem. . .:) Good luck to all of you and may your labors be short and relatively painless!


Brooke - November 14

Wow, Christy! That is rea__suring. At least there is hope to go early!! I think we are all hoping to go around Thanksgiving! I really would like to go Thanksgiving weekend. My mom says that we are going to shop next Friday until I go into labor.... haha We might be shopping a while! I wish I new if I was dilated or thinned yet. They told me they will check at 38 weeks. My 38 week appointment is the upcoming Monday, so we'll see!! I wanted to have some s_x tonight, but my husband was tired. :( Imagine that! I want this baby to come or at least not be late!!


Jessie V - November 14

I will be 37 weeks on Fri. I have my Group B strep done tomm. I'm hoping I have started to dilate. My pelvis hurts sooo bad and I too can't sleep. My bags are packed and already in the car, plus today I put his car seat in. Now I'm just playing the waiting game. I hope it won't be too much longer. I starting loosing my mucas plug on Sat. but still no contractions.


Kimmy - November 14

I would have been 37 weeks this week as well, i was also given the due date of Dec 5th, but my son is here and 10 days old !! :P He came on the 4th of November weighing 5 pounds 8 ounces, and perfectly healthy, we were home after 24 hours. Good Luck all :)


Jane - November 15

I am also at 37 weeks - today in fact (I'm in Australia) - due on 6 Dec. I am going through a natural birthing centre and the midwives don't do internal exams unless necessary so I have no idea about dilation. I do however share your aches, pains and sleepless nights! Oh my ribs are taking an absolute hammering! Some days I feel very good and full of energy, and some days it is a real struggle just to get out of bed! I am starting to get worried that the baby will be OK and be healthy etc - I just want her out! I am getting tired of being so paranoid about checking she is moving etc etc. Sorry to sound negative but I think I have hit that wall where I am over being a pregnant mum-to-be and just want to meet our little bundle of joy!


Brooke - November 15

I'm starting to understand why some people resort to castor oil. I always said that I wouldn't do it, but if I go another 4-5 weeks, I just might be to the limit. I'm getting a pineapple on the way home. I'm gonna eat the whole thing! I also gonna try some nipple stimulation and walking this afternoon. I really want her to come Thanksgiving weekend or sooner!


Joanna - November 15

Brooke, I'm also 37 weeks and also due December 5th. I'm having the same symptoms. I'm ready to have this baby!


Tracy - November 15

I am so glad you started this Brooke because I was beginning to think I was the only one that wanted my baby out now!!!! I am having the same systoms you are having, and I am so ill!! Hopefully the hospital's will be full with all our deliveries on Thanksgiving!!! God Bless!!!


Erin - November 15

I know what you mean about the castor oil, I'm still scared to try it though. I have been drinking raspberry tea.


Brooke - November 15

Yes Erin, I'm scared of it to. I only mention it in my venting. I don't think I would have the courage to try it. I am drinking red raspberry leaf tea to help strengthen my uterus. I've been drinking 1-3 cups a day since 28 weeks. I hope it makes things run fairly smoothly! I didn't realize that there were so many of us due around the same day!! Pretty cool! I'll start a new thread next Monday for us 38 weekers... :) Until then, we can all vent here!!



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