37 Weeks 3cm Dilated 70 Effaced Any Suggestions

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CourtneyHope - February 27

So when is this little angel going to make her debut? I have a higher tolerance for pain, so the contractions I have had I wrote off to constipation or gas. My dr said there had to be contractions for me to dilate that much, but I just didn't feel them. Water bag is still in tact, head is down, lots of pressure, lost mucous plug last night/this morning, but not many contractions? Anyone have this happen, or can anyone else discuss their progress as well? Everyone around me thinks it is going to happen this weekend, but I am trying not to get my hopes up. Any thoughts?!?!?


oc73bzh - February 27

Hello Courtney! Well seems Penny will arrive sooner than expected. Can't tell you much about it as I don't feel any contraction either. What I can tell you is that my mum never felt any contractions for me. Her water broke at 1.30am and I was born at 6.35am the same day. So don't worry if you don't feel any contractions yet, they will come! You water bag is still intact so no worries she's having everything she needs. The mucus plug doesn't indicate anything, some lost it 2 wks b4 going to labor! Relax is the key as you might have a long and emotional weekend. What did you Dr say about it? If he sent you home, well he's confident and shouldn't be for the next couple of hours. Keep in touch and want to see a Welcome Penny post on Monday!!! LOL Elodie


CourtneyHope - February 27

Elodie! I think Penny will come soon. We asked the dr for a window because we know it is not an exact science. She said that my water could break as I walk out the door, or in the next few days, etc. She said there is no reason I will last until my due date though, which is the 21st, so that is neat to hear. I am going to try and walk a lot this weekend, hopefully that will help. I think with the progress, the pressure and the other stuff that she will be here soon! I will keep you posted though!!


elizabear - February 28

Maybe the 28th was the day, as it is quiet...hope to hear soon.


CourtneyHope - March 1

No Lucky Penny yet!!! We had some 'fun' this morning though, so maybe that triggered something!!! I will keep everyone updated for sure!!



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