37 Weeks And 3 Days Pregnant Early Labour Signs Anxious

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KittyKat - April 11

Hi, I am 37 weeks and 3 days and I have been getting period pains this week also in the morning and I am getting diaharria but also first thing in the morning and then after that its trapped wind. Is this a sign of early pregnancy or does anyone else have this? I called my midwife and she said to monitor it. I have also had clear discharge when I wipe and more braxton hicks contractions and can feel the baby moving down. I think I have felt all this now for 4 days. I am trying reflexology at 38 weeks who is also an ex midwife as she said it may help induce some women but also help me relax cos I am feeling slightly anxious. Advise welcome. xxx


MizzKbrown - April 11

I'm not sure if it's impending labor. I'm 37 weeks pregnant with my 3rd first two were induced and very controlled. I'm having the same symptoms. I've lost my plug, am dilated 3 cent., 60% effaced and +2 station since 2 Thursaday's ago . Over the weekend I've lost more muscousy like discharge and strong BH contractions. I having a feeling my little one is coming this week. Happy Easter and try as much as possible to relax, I've heard that can actually help aid in the start of labor. Good luck!!


KittyKat - April 12

Thanks for your email. This might sound silly but I am not sure if I had the muscous plugs yet cos I have wiped a few times and there been discharge and 2 weeks ago I had quite abit of discharge then. This morning I kept feeling leaks but it was clear and not a great deal of discharge. Should I know by now how many cms dilated, effaced and station I am? Cos all I know is that I was 3/5 engaged at my 36 weeks appointment but thats only cos it was in my notes. Happy Easter to you aswell. Advise welcome.


Shea831 - April 12

I am about 37 weeks pregnant as well, and my BH are getting painful and uncomfortable. With my first pregnancy, I was so tired and run down. Then the next day I was in active labor, without signs of dialation. This one I was dialated to 1.5 on Friday. I haven't lost the plug or anything like that. I didn't with my first one either. The doctor did that for me. If you are leaking some every few hours or so, then you need to go to the hospital, because your water might have broken. It never hurts to check, but my doctor told me that sometimes, your water may not break in a gush, it will leak continualy thorough out the day. My water was broken for me with the first one. Good luck, and Happy Easter.


KittyKat - April 13

Thanks for your email. I have spoke to my midwife and she said the discharge is my hormones. I am getting very anxious and uncomfy now and I am hoping baby is coming soon nice and healthy. xxx



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