37 Weeks And We Still Dont Have A Name

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micorazon - October 12

Im 37 weeks today and we still dont have any clue what we are going to name our son. We dont even have a list. I dont know why we are struggling with this so much. They give you two weeks after the baby is born to name them, but I will feel so guilty leaving the hospital with him nameless. Anyone else struggling with names?


tryin44 - October 12

I'm sure you will come up with one. Have you looked online? We are having a girl but some of our boy names we liked were Bishop, Deacon, Mazwell, and Bramwell. I'm sure they are not for you but we like a little different names. Our two sons are named Asher Mackenzie and Draco Bowdie. Good Luck!!!!!!!


Jilloh - October 12

My husband and I finally came up with maybe 5 names that we liked and then once he was born we put two names together for a first and middle name. We decided we wanted to see our child before putting a name on them. Good Luck. I am at 28 weeks with child #2 and this time it's gender unknown!!!


Pearl - October 12

I am 36w6d with my 3rd child. I had a whole list of names picked out for my first one (a girl) but when she was born, none of them fit her. I finally decided that a traditional, strong, family name was best. She is Sarah Marie and no other name would suit her better. I had NO names picked out for my son. The instant he was born I looked into his eyes and decided that I knew exactly what to name him. We couldn't choose a middle name from the men's names in our family so we kept two. He is Jordan Robert Anthony and it's too perfect for him. We have a list of five or so names picked out for this one (another boy) but nothing is set yet. I know as soon as I see him I will just know. We searched for names by meaning, first letter, rhyme, all kinds of things. We'll see what name fits him when he's born.


skylite - October 12

Well you guys will come up with one when the time is right... Here are a few that I like: Korbin, Cayden, Logan, Conner, Aiden, Brody. Let us know when you decide on one! GL :-)


Pipa - October 12

Have you tried looking into names that fit with your background like we really looked at some Scottish names. We kept trying names together until we found a combo we liked with our last. We've chosen Jackson Tucker just b/c the image it creates in our mind fits with what we imagine our son to be like but we haven't decided whether to call him one or the other. We're going to wait and meet him and see if we get a sense for what fits. Maybe you could just come up with a short list that both of you like and see what fits when you meet your little boy? Who knows, nothing may fit and you'll think of something totally different? Don't worry the name will come and you'll know it when it hits you!


DaBonkElsMe - October 12

How about looking into your family history and seeing if there are any names you like? Don't just look at first names either sometimes middle names and evan maiden names can make cool first names.


jenna32 - October 12

it is so hard! I think we're going to name our little girl Macy. But some people don't like it. I also hope my bf really does like it and isn't just saying he does so i stop bothering him about names, i seem to hate all his names he comes up with,lol.


micorazon - October 12

Jenna - thats what my dh did to me. He went along with the name that I picked just to stop talking about it and then about two weeks ago told me he didnt like it and we needed to find a name. So now Im back to square one.


Kira_lynn - October 12

That can be a bit stressful. When we found out that we were having a boy, the list we had went out the window. I looked at dh and said, what about Robert Joseph? And that was it. Robert is his dad's name and Joseph is his grandfater (who just recently pa__sed away). We havent told his family at all, they'll find out at the birth. Sometimes a name can just hit you.


tish212 - October 12

I am only 28w but we too are stuck ... and don't know the gender if its a boy it will be my dh name (my hubbys a second so if its a boy he will be a third) BUT we have no girl names...we thought we did but upon further thought we changed our minds...so we r back to square one too... but I think we are gonna do the wait and meet approach I feel when we seee r lil one we will know what name will fit...


Mzwest83 - October 15

I know how you feel I am 32 weeks a no name. I know I have a little while but I am already thinning so doctor said anytime. We did like Hope but could not deside on a middle name. Then it seems like every name we come up with people put it down so much.


angeev - October 15

Also 37w and nothing. David is the middle name (family name) but that is it. My husband spent 3 days talking me into Aaron David then a couple weeks ago decided he no longer liked it. We are just going to see what h elooks like and hope something comes to mind.



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