37 Weeks Anybody Still Working

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crystal74 - February 8

as of yesterday, i am 37 weeks and still working full time but next week starting on monday, i cut down to only a few hours a day. i just have a desk job but this is my first pregnancy and it's been a tough one. i am so sore and huge, baby is bigger than he should be, my skin itches so bad, i can't find anything comfortable to wear anymore. i look frumpy. but oh well. i am hoping this baby comes soon. just wanted to chat with other working mother to be's


DDT - February 8

My last day of work was last Friday (I am 38w4d now) and I also work in an office. I was starting to get uncomfortable and sore from getting up and down, and sick of trying to pick out "office" clothes in the morning to wear. I am down to a few outfits that I am starting to really hate! lol I won't be a working mother-to-be because I am off for a year now (yes, a long time and it feels strange already and a week hasn't even gone by!) but I just wanted to say I know where you're coming from at the moment.


chriss - February 8

I am 36 wks and still working, I plan to until about week or so before my due date. I somehow think I will go past my due date. So I have another 3 wks to go, it isn't too bad, I also have a desk job, but there are LOADS of stairs in my office and it's getting a bit more difficult to get up and down, but I'm not making as many trips!


crystal74 - February 8

well i plan on taking my maternity leave and then i'll decide from there what i want to do. i know i want to raise my baby not some stranger. i can't wait for my schedule to start next week. i'll have so much time to prepare, rest, relax


crystal74 - February 8

i don't get paid maternity leave though, that sucks


cyclemom - February 8

I stopped working around 34 weeks. I'm a personal trainer so my job was really active. It was getting way too exhausting to be on my feet hour after hour. I taught aerobics until 29 weeks, when I started getting too many contractions while teaching. I'm 39 weeks now and at this point I would be way too miserable if I were still working. It's weird to stop working though. It's making more and more anxious for my little boy to come!!


BWIND - February 8

I'm 39 weeks and 1 day. Tomorrow is my last day of work. I'm on my feet all day long since I'm a school teacher. I can't wait until the end of the day tomorrow. My feet are so very sore by the end of the day. I'm just now starting to swell some in the legs and ankles. I'm a little anxious and can't wait for my little guy to get here.


lolita - February 9

I am 35 Weeks and I am sooo sick of working! Im so sick of the few clothes I fit in, I have been late to work because Im trying so much stuff on and cussing to myself in the morning, its really irritating. All the people in my dept are quitting so my supervisor is pretty much counting on me to be there up until Im in labor basically. Its really stressing me out! Im so bummed! I kinda need my companies insurance too but I want to stay home with my baby. No daycare please!


crystal74 - February 9

well i made it through my last 8 hour day. starting next week i don't have to be to work till noon and maybe till 3 or 4. that'll be so nice. i'm going to walk a lot, eat spicy food, have a lot of s_x, whatever i can to go into labor


vanja10 - February 10

i'm 37 weeks and will be working one more week.. :) next friday will be my last day and like u ddt, i'm off for a year.. maternity leave in canada rocks!!! i work in an office and i find i'm really uncomfortable just sitting down.. once this little guy comes, i might go back there and work one day a week because being on employment insurance here u r allowed to make $100/week on top of ur earnings and working there for 4 hours a week will give me that.. :) .. oh and crystal, i started wearing my hubby's golf shirts to work. works for me!


MommyMeg07 - February 10

I stopped working at 38 weeks - and I'm really glad I did.


Kristin11 - February 10

I am 31 weeks and still working. My plan is to work until i cant take it anymore. I didnt get that chance with my daughter because i was put on bed rest. i dont get paid maternity leave so i need to work as long as i can so we can afford my maternity leave. just recently things are getting harder to do. My 3 year old laughs at mommy trying to put on her shoes, alot of my early maternity cloths are suddenly too tight. I have a office job too so i think that helps some, i dont have to be on my feet all day.


crystal74 - February 11

i tried to wear my husbands shirts but i just swim in them. it's getting touch. i'm really running out of clothes that fit. i wish baby would come soon


cnr0607 - February 12

I'm 38 weeks pregnant with my first baby and still working. I stand up all day (I'm a cashier) but lucky for me, I work part time and they let me have a chair/sit when I'm not ringing up people. :-) My baby's due date is anywhere between the 23rd and 27th of Feb. I'm going to take next week off though (pregnancy has finally caught up to me lol).


crystal74 - February 13

well i have to give it up to you for being on your feet most of the day. i couldn't imagine. i got great news though. i was getting ready for work with my new schedule of 12-3 or 4 starting monday and my boss called and told me that him and the owner talked and decided to put me on paid maternity leave till the baby comes. i am pretty lucky though cuz my father in law is my general manager and the owner is like an uncle to my husband. and now my mother in law is working for me. i feel bad cuz i know she hates to work. she's been at home for years. so i told her to call me anytime and i will come in and help. my skin is still itching really bad though. i rub and rub and rub and rub lotions and oil's that are made for stretch marks and itchy pregnant skins and it doesn't help. i think this baby is going to be so big and that's why my stomach itches so bad.



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