37 Weeks Dilating At 1cm Anybody Else

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Theresa - November 9

I am 37 weeks almost 38. I am dilating 1 cm. I have cramps all day off and on. I go to the doctor tommorrow but for the past weeks I have been cramping I guess my body is getting prepared but I think that I am dilating to early for 37 weeks. Anybody been through this or going through this now? If so are you dilating a cm each week? Its amazing when the doctor was checking me to see if I had dilated she was touching the baby top of the head a little but she had to go way up there. Did that happen to you as well? Thanks for your answers.


J - November 9

I've been 50% effaced for 9 weeks and dilated to 1 for a week and I'm only 34 weeks. Also, my cervix is funneling and has been for about a month.


Lisa - November 9

I am 38.4 weeks and 80% effaced 1 cm dialated I have been dialated 1 cm for three weeks now.The baby has dropped even more within the past 4days soooo much pressure. My doctor has brought up inducing me the week of Thanksgiving so I don't see an end in sight soon. Oh my doctor also touched the top of babys head, pretty crazy huh?


JL - November 9

With my first baby, I started dilated at 36 weeks and went to full 40 weeks. Now with my 2nd baby, I am 1 cm dilated at 36 weeks.


Natalie - November 9

Hey Theresa! I am also 37 1/2 weeks (according to my ultrasound,but my doctors keep saying I am 38 1/2) so who knows! And I am 1 cm. dialated! How weird! I was 1 cm. and 90% effaced last week at my appiontment and had another appoinment today, but I am the same as last week. I figured not much had changed because I haven't felt much of anything just some cramping at night. I went for a walk after I got home from the doctors office and I think I might go for another one in a minute.Anything that might help speed things up! I am really hoping to deliver before Thanksgiving (I am due the day before) because I so do not want to be in the hospital for Thanksgiving! Well good luck and keep in touch!!


Keely - November 9

Theresa what day did you conceive?


Jen - November 9

Theresa- this is my EXACT same situation! I went to the doctor this morning because the cramps were so bad I could hardly walk- I thought for sure something must be happening, but nothing- the exact same as last week. My cervix is still thick but it is soft. Oh, and the doctor also touched my baby's head...it seems so unfair! What a tease that he is right there- I just want to hold him in my arms so bad!!!!!!


ca__sandra c. - November 9

I had my 37ish wk appointment yesterday. (i am 37w 3d today) I was 3.5cm dilated and 90% effaced he told me "you'd be lucky to go another 10 days" wooohooooo okay there i go again getting my hopes up! haha


Keely - November 9

Anyone that is 37.5 weeks, when did you conceive? Between Feb.20-26 sound right?


Theresa - November 10

Im sorry I will be 37 weeks next week. I don't know what I am thinking. I guess I am speeding up the process. I went to the doctor today and they say that I am still 1 cm. Keely I know im not 37 weeks not quite yet but I conceive on a Sunday on March 6th or 13th but I think it was on the 6th. Keely your conceive date sound right I think between 21-23 of Feb I think because I know my date I conceive because it was unforgetable. LOL


Lynn - November 10

Keely, you would have conceived the week of march 6. Most of us would have been having our periods feb 20-22 time frame.


Theresa - November 10

Keely when is your due date? November 25th-27th? Lynn if she conceive the week of March 6th I will think that she will be due the first week of December like me but if she conceive on or between Feb 20-26th I will think she is due the week I just mention. Thats what I think but we will see when she responds back.


Yana - November 13

I am in the same situation. My due date is Nov. 29th. At appt. on Friday the 11th, Doc. said I was 80% effaced 1cm dilated. After appointment I had "Bloody show" and today experienced some cramping. I would like to make it past Thanksgiving.


Luann - November 13

I am also almost 38 i have been 1cm for 2 weeks already.the doctor has no prediction of when im gonna dialate to 3or4cm.im due dec 2nd but hoping for sometime this week.these braxton hicks are getting more and more painful by the day.good luck to all!


joanna - November 15

Theresa, I am 37 weeks and last week, at my 36th week appointment, I had dialated 1 cm. My doctor could feel the baby's head also. I'm hoping that when I go for an appointment today, that I will have dialated more!


Ca__sie - November 15

I am 36.4 weeks along. Am 70% effaced and 2 cm dilated. I'm not due until Dec. 10, but doc doesn't think I will make it that long. Woo-hoo!


Theresa - November 15

Ca__sie-You lucky girl you! I wish I was in your position.



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