37 Weeks Is Anyone Feeling What I Am Feeling

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Alissa - October 30

Hey everyone im 37 weeks and I want my baby out so bad i will jump up and down for and hour straight if that would make him come out. I feel like I have been pregnant now for about 9 years instead of 9 months. I dont know if i cant take much more of this pregnancy. I have tried everything possible from s_x to castor oil and nothing seems to be working I walk about 2 miles a day for the past week and all im doing is losing weight it seems like. The first time i did the castor oil i had really bad contraction so I went to the hospital but I wasnt dialating so they sent me home the second time i did the castor oil again nothing happend at all. Last night i thought i might have him I was having alot of pressure and a little leakage i thought was my water but it went away as soon as i started getting happy. You guys are probably sick of what im saying now but it feels good to get it off my chest I know there are others out there feeling like me you can type a whole story to i will read it. Just come on and complain girls it feels good.


Heidi - October 31

I think we all feel your pain, girl, but hang in there! You are almost done now, but you have to stay focused on finishing a healthy pregnancy. I would be careful using the castor oil at 37 weeks...my doctor said that taking too much can cause the baby to have an early bowel movement which can be very dangerous. It can also cause dehydration. Just try and be patient and enjoy little things you can do now that you won't be able to do when the baby is born- watch a movie, get a manicure, take a long hot bath, etc. This is the only way I can get through each day, and I am only 36 weeks- you're doing better than me!


kim j - October 31

i hear ya!!! every day takes forever to go by. i am due any day and my mid wife keeps saying any day but the days come and go and no baby. i have had constant contractons and just dont feel good. i have had 2 episodes were i have cleaned my whole house and now im just pooped. i am sooo ready to have him. we have also tried the s_x everynight and it does start contractions but ne real labor. i am almost 2 centimeters and a -2 and 50% effaced as of last thursday. i go again thursday but am hopeful he will be here within the next couple of days. anyways i fell ya ladies. hang in there and just remember there is only a few more weeks to go....


Kristi - October 31

I know exactly how you feel. I am also 37 weeks. Last Thurs they told me I was dilated 3.5 centimeters. I got so excited bc I thought I'd be in labor at anytime. My husband and I have walked a mile each night since...and nothing has happened!


tina - November 1

I am with you!! I am sooo ready, I walk everyday, and have s_x alot too. I am not brave enough to try castor oil though...lol. I am 3 cm dialated (last week) I go tomorrow, so I am curious to see if anything has changed. I am just so excited!! Hurry baby girl!!


pbj - November 1

I feel your pain, but be patient...your baby will come when it's time. You made it this far, and more than likely it won't be but 3 more weeks. I'm 37 weeks and I don't feel like she will come anytime soon.


Lesley - November 1

I am 9 days over my due date. My head is done in. First of all they put my date back 5 weeks now they makin me wait 15 days till they set me off


Michelle - November 1

I feel the same way... I can't wait to have my baby! And I hate it when women, only a couple months, complain that it's takeing forever, because they don't even know yet! I just want to have my baby and hold her in my arms. I also can't wait to loose all of these extra pounds, and hopefully fit back into my old clothes! (And other things would be nice too!) Well, I hope everything goes great for you, and even though this may not help, babies know when they are ready, and they will eventually come. Even though it seems that they never will!


Tracy - November 1

I am glad that other women feel the same way I do. I am also tired of hearing the response "wow; look at your belly." AND "are you sure there is not 2 in there"? ARG!!!! It makes me so freaking mad!!!! I am almost 35 weeks, and I have gained 22 pounds so I thought I was doing good. However, I don't think it matters much because people are always going to make their comments. I have learned 1 lesson though. The only response I am going to give pregnant women from now on is "you look so good"!!! I think every pregnant women needs to hear that regardless of what they think of theirselves.


Alissa - November 2

Hey girls im still pregnant but tonight I have been having alot of sharp shooting pain in my lower abdomin that last for about 10 seconds then go away but my back and groin area hurt consistant and its starting to get on my nevers. I also feel like i have to poo TMI i know but thats the way i feel and when i try nothing comes out does anyone else feel like that?



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