37 Weeks Pregnant RESTLESS And BORED

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KU - August 12

I'm 37 weeks pregnant, 2cms dilated, 75% effaced, and getting restless. It seems as if my body is getting ready for labor but it can't come soon enough! And I'm so bored, my body is so achey. Just sitting on the couch, taking a walk or ANYTHING is uncomfortable. I try to look for things to do to prepare for my baby but I can't think of anything else to do. So my question is, what do you ladies do these last few weeks of pregnancy to occupy your time??


ekay - August 12

I would be out there hitting the pavement if I were you! Your body seems REALLY prepared for labor, walking would probably encourage it even more.


staci - August 12

I can relate. I am never comfy at all, and I am 3.5 weeks behind you... agh... can you walk? My feet are so swollen and my back so bad that I cant... Ekay is right, if you can do it. You can try nipple stimulation as well, at least you can lie down for that, lol!


b20 - August 12

i'm 35 weeks, my nipples are so sensitive that i can slap myself or my husband if they are touched..is it bcoz it contracts my uterus??


melody - August 14

walk no matter how uncomfortable it is for you. walk walk walk walk walk


ng - August 14

I hired lots off movies


redckittie - August 21

Im 37 weeks also Im due sept 13th and it is extremely painful sometimes in my gron Ive been looking around online for things like how to jump start labor and they say walk but walking is painful so I decided to go swimming and the pain subsided for a while last night I had a contraction once per hour things that can keep you busy in your last weeks are of course eating, watching movies going online, nesting " cleaning", and making your hubby give you feet and tummy mesauges, I've been doing mostly lots of shopping for extra everything like TP and soap since after I have the baby Im not going to want to go grocie shopping right away best thing if your not feeling good now at the end of your pregnancy dont expect to fee; any better when recovering with an Infint so take care of the Dirty business now!


kG - August 25

Let me tell you the last month is the toughest. I am 39 weeks pregnant and have been measuring three weeks bigger for the last few months. Everyone thought I'd go early but no baby yet. I learned how to do counted cross st_tch to occupy myself. I would suggest finding something like this to do, it keeps your mind off of everything for a little while...


CH - August 28

If you can I would recommend a nice bath (as long as your water isn't broken) for your aches and pains.Put some relaxing salts in. Also, try to get in as much sleep (naps) as you can. I'm still working so that has been keeping me busy. Try too get some last pampering in (Nails done, hair cut, foot ma__sage). Your almost there.


Madam - September 1

I am 37 weeks and i definately have these aches and pains, this is actually a little difficult for me, but i am still working so that is keeping me busy, but walk, walk and walk, it definately helps, at least makes you tired and you sleep better.



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