37 Weeks With A Traverse Baby

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DDT - May 11

I am a couple of days away from being 37wks preggo. At my last visit (36wks) I measured 32cm by fundal height. Up until that time I was always measuring right for my dates. Now I am measuring small for dates. The doctor has recommended I go and get a u/s done within the next week to see why. But she seemed to strongly suspect that my baby was just in a "really weird position" (her words). Of course I left the office really worried, and after searching the net for possibilities as to why I could be measuring small I came across the traverse lie. Well, the more I thought about it the possibility that my baby is in this position is very strong. Firstly, I feel all kicks and see tiny feet outlines on the lower right side of belly. I see bum poking near my belly button on my left side. When the doc checked for the head position is was not centralized between my pubic bones but more near my right hip. To me this seems like my lo could be traverse lie with his shoulder presenting. Now, I know after 37 weeks the possibility of baby turning head-down are slim and that a C-Section is more often the only way to deliver a traverse lie baby. So after my huge rant my question is...does anyone have a baby who is in the traverse position?? does my description of my baby's movements sound like he could be in the traverse position?


sashasmama - May 11

Babies can still turn at 37 weeks. The ultrasound tech that did my ultrarounds (she's been in practice for almost 20 years) said that she's seen babies turn on the day of delivery. Another cause for measuring small is the baby dropping.


DDT - May 11

Thanks sashasmama. This is my 2nd baby so I realize that dropping can cause measurements to be out by 2cm. I dropped with my 1st at 35wks. This baby may have dropped but he's not engaged, so that does not explain the 4cm out in my fundal measurement. Of course I am hoping that its in fact nothing but the fact that he is a small baby. I do not want a C-Section! If he is in the traverse position from my reading once 37 wks comes and goes then a C-Section is inevitable. Breech babies can still turn but it happens very rarely with traverse babies.


amma2b - May 12

Hi DDT, i am likely to be in the same situation. I am now 33wks and all this time Doc thought the baby was breech. but my instincts said its traverse based on baby movements. At my 32 wks appointment i was measuring small and Dr said its either because of baby's position or i could be having a small baby. i will be having an u/s next week or so to make sure of the baby's position. I can totally understand how you are feeling. its my first baby and i am not interested in C-sec. But if it concerns baby;s health we can't really help it. I am hoping that the baby will turn on its own when the time comes. Good Luck to you and keep us posted.


HeatherIsHopeful - May 12

hey hon... couldnt they do an ECV? I found this ""ECV has about a 58 percent success rate in turning breech babies (and a 90 percent success rate if the baby is in a transverse lie.) But sometimes a baby refuses to budge or rotates back into a breech position after a successful version. ECV is more likely to work if this isn't your first baby."" 90 percent success rate sounds like its worth a shot to me.


DDT - May 12

Hi, thanks for the responses. Well, yesterday and then today baby had been moving around like crazy! then tonight I felt feet higher up so got DF to measure me. Well, he measured 34cm....which is better than the 32cm I measured 4 days ago. Now I am starting to think that this baby is just small and wants to move into all kind of positions. I am anxiously awaiting my ultrasound to find out what this little wriggle worm is up to. HeatherIsHopeful: Thanks for the info. I did not realize that ECV's had such a high success rate with traverse babies. I will look into that if he is in fact in that position ...but I have also read that they can be quite risky because they can cause the baby to go into distress, and not even every hospital is willing to try a ECV.


HeatherIsHopeful - May 13

DDT Im glad the measurement is better this time good luck at your u/s. I did a little bit of research on the ECV because my doc thinks my baby is still breech, but Im only 35 and a half weeks so its still a bit early to worry to much about it. since you are 37ish weeks you'll have to act fast if your LO is in an odd position, I would talk to your doc about ECV and see if the pros out weight the cons in your case. I hope your baby is good to go though! good luck :)


DDT - May 13

HeatherIsHopeful: I hope your lo ends up turning for you, and like you have said you still have lots of time before you need to worry. Another question: I have lost 3lbs in 4 days. I haven't stopped eating (oh goodness no!). Is it normal to lose that much weight at the end (I didn't lose any during my 1st pregnancy)? should I be worried about this weight loss to?


HeatherIsHopeful - May 14

hey... I saw the other responses to your question in your other post.. I think Fayes answer sounds logical. Its likely that is just a fluctuation in your water weight. Im sure its not a big deal. I recommend asking your doc next time you go in. good luck.


LIN - May 14

My son was transverse for two full months before he was born. I told them that when I went to the hospital after my water broke, and they did an ultrasound that showed him head down! I had him at 35 weeks, so earlier than 37, but even then he was 6 lbs 6 oz (2.9 kg). I measured right on for most of my pregnancy and then a couple weeks before he was born, I measured two weeks further along than I was. I could feel his little feet walking around near the bottom of my belly, and occasionally he'd kick me in the pelvis. His head stuck out my right side and his b___t out the left. Hope that helps!



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