37 Wks And Sooooo Ready Try Natural Induction

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Kristin - November 19

Hi everyone!! I am 37 wks pregnant and I am sooo ready to have his baby. I am absolutely miserable. I am woke up at night with absolutely horrible pains, I feel nauseated, I feel like I am going to start my period with the aches and pains I have been having. I went to the doctor this morning and she said I am dilated to 1cm but he was still "up there" whatever that means. I have been really tempted to try natural induction but don't know if I should just patiently wait. My sister in law swears by castor oil. It worked with her pregnancy. Any suggestions??? Should I wait or try it?


KT - November 19

HI Kristin. I was the same way you were and I tried everything including castor oil, but it didn't work. I ended up getting induced the day I was due and I had a horrible labor because she wasn't ready to come out. She was still really high when I was induced and that made for a long labor. If your body is not ready and the baby is not ready, you really don't want to try to start labor. I know how miserable you are and want to get the baby out, but trust me, it's better to wait. You don't want to have complications during labor because the baby wasn't ready to come out. Hang in there......


Kristin - November 19

Thanks KT i guess anxiety is getting the best of me. That and all the aches and pains. Sometimes I'm like is this normal?? But I refuse to go to the hospital until I absolutely know for sure. I'm also just ready to hold the little guy in my arms.


Lena - November 19

Hey Kristin. I am almost 37 weeks, and have been feeling pretty c___py. Constant painful braxton hicks, my pubic bone feels like it's going to crack, and my tailbone is killing me. I also have period like cramps a lot, usually at night. I had my first internal, and the doc said the same thing "it's still up there". She refered to the cervix...it is supposed to move down closer it gets to labor, she also told me "not any time soon" :( I was so dissapointed.


Kristin - November 19

I also just found out I'm group B strep positive. On another thread one of the girls told me I should schedule an induction so I could be hooked up to antibiotics for a good amount of time before he gets here. I'm not sure if my doctor will do that. But I'm really concerned about it cause it can be deadly to my baby. Does anyone know if the doctor would have to induce if I requested and how soon. I'm scared I will go into labor before that. I'm just really scared period!! I don't want anything to happen to my baby.


Hi Kirstin - November 20

Just be careful because 37 weeks doesn't mean your baby is ready. There could be breathing problems. I would give it another week or so personally.



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