38 Weeks

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impatientMamma - November 16

Due: Nov. 30th Hey ladies! Welcome to term. Here is an idea: for those of you still waddling (like myself), let's check in daily with our symptoms as well as any natural induction attmepts we might brave or have braved. AND when you get the chance to check in after delivery, do so as well. I promise I will!!!! Symptoms to date: I've had no Braxton HIcks to speak of, no mucous plug, nothing that could indicate labor is even remotely close! As of last visit to doc, no dilation either. I've been drinking raspberry tea, and I have been having mucho s_x with my husband. I stay pretty active. That's as much as I've tried so far. Today's symptoms: I woke up with diarreah, and for once I was happy about that. I don't know if it means anything, but regardless, I didn't want to let it go, so I ate raisin bran for breakfast followed by coffee and an apple. We shall see. I have a feeling I will merely be having a miserable day, but desperation makes us do silly things. My aunt swears by castor oil, but I haven't reached that point of desperation yet.... Where are you??


Jodie - November 16

HEllo impatientmamma, I am 39 weeks and 1 day. I have had a few braxton hicks over the past week but nothing major. And every now and then I get this sharp shooting v____a pain....hehhehe...i have no idea what it is.....maybe my baby has claws or something. I go in today to have my cervix stretched......wooo fricken hooo!!! Not so much looking forward to that but whatever speeds this along is guess. I still can't sleep at night and its getting worse...I am ready to pay the doc to just get this done.....hehehe. Good luck everyone. I will let you know how this cervix stretching thing goes....ugh!


impatientMamma - November 16

Jodie, I'm having that piercing v____al pain as well as dull, lower abdominal cramping. Both of which are only periodic. Do you know what that means? Keep us posted!!!!


Lynn - November 16

I am due 11/29, have been having some BH the past week or so, the other morning had them pretty bad. BUt I can still go a day without having any so they aren't really regular. I've been getting the v____a pain that everyone talks about too. Since last week I've had a dull backache that comes & goes, also have dull mentrual-like cramps that come & go - only they get a little stronger than menstrual cramps at times. I have been bouncing/rocking/swaying on the birthing ball every day for at least an hour, I walk avery day for 25-30 minutes and we try to have s_x every other day. But so far no dilation no effacement no ANYTHING. I go for the next check up tomorrow afternoon, maybe I'll have a little progress.


Elizabeth - November 16

I am also due nov 30th, I feel like someone has put the brakes on for me, I am really starting to slow down. At last weeks dr appt I was 80% effaced with no dilation and we go again tomorrow. I mostly feel worn out like my body, all my joints are sore. I have the occasional shooting pain when the baby moves low. The Dr said the baby is in head down position, locked and loaded was how she phrased it. Basically I am just nervous about when it is going to happen, but the bag is packed and ready, good luck to all of us!


Brooke - November 16

Hi Girls. I'm about one week behind you guys, but I'd like to join the discussion. I had a change in symptoms today. I've been having sort of dull pains all over my entire belly off and on today. Before today, it was just menstral cramps down low every now and then. I wonder if this change in where the pains are located means anything.....?? We'll see! I did have some s_x last night, so maybe that helps jumpstart something.


Jodie - November 16

Thank god I was dialated about 2-3 centimeters so I had no need for the cervix stretching. I was dreading it all morning. But because I am progressing the doc felt no need to stretch. It's just to bad he had to shove his whole fist up there just to feel the d__n thing. I guess my cervix is up high....um..can we say "go go gadget fingers"? It wasn't the most pleasant of experiences but whatever....at least things are moving along......go baby go!! GOod luck every one.


kav - November 17

Hi I am due 26th nov. Here in the uk, they don't really check your cervix in the appointments before so I don't know anything! i do know I have been having cramps low down, but this mainly seems to happen at night - or maybe I am more aware of them at night. ImpatientMamma and Jodie - I get that same shooting pain you mentioned down there too. Is that when the baby is pushing on a nerve? The overall pressure just seems immense sometimes and I just can't walk. I will miss being pregnant though, but I am looking forward to meeting the little one!


erin - November 17

I'm 38 weeks and yesterday was having contractions 3 minutes apart for an hour, I had my normal dr visit and still no dilation but have thinned. He said probably BH. This morning I woke up and been having more menstral like cramps and pains in my cooch that are accompanied by contractions but there is no pattern. My b___t muscles are sore and definately more pressure in my pelvis then I have had even though he dropped a week or so ago. Still no mucous plug but there was something gross in the pee sample I left with the nurse yesterday, it was a tiny clump of something she just said gross but didn't confirm it was part of the plug. The BH have been strong all morning so far...I hope this means I am getting close but who knows.


impatientMamma - November 17

No baby here, but I am getting some ever so slight, irregular cramping all around my uterus which started yesterday evening. Other than that... same ole. Nope, I won't miss being pregnant. I already love my baby, but I haven't loved pregnancy! Well, congratulations Jodie for getting out of the "stretching." I didn't want to say anything before, but it sounded mideival and tortuous!!! I go to the doctor tomorrow for the weekly pelvic exam. I'm hoping for SOMETHING!!!!


jen - November 17

dear impatient mama, i just had to tell you that your post made me laugh really hard. i am only 32 weeks but i remember feeling exactly the same way as you with my first pregnancy. good luck!


Jodie - November 17

Good morning everyone!! No baby yet here either...stubborn little guy. I had a dream about him though. It's so not fair to dream about it then wake up with nothing.........boooooo!!!!!! He has the hickups this morning and that is the only action goin on down there. I really don't want to go over my due date....i really just want to beable to eat thanksgiving with an empty stomach. Has anyone tried rolling around on a birthing ball to try to stretch things out? I got one and all it seems to do is make my hips hurt in the morning....hmmmm.


Lynn - November 17

I've been doing the birthing ball thing now for about a week. I had a physical therapist show me moves to do that would help open the pelvis & hopefully help baby move on down some. I go to the doctor this afternoon, I'll let you know if I've made any progress. I feel like I've made some progress, I don't feel the pressure that everyone is talking about but I do feel just kind of "sore" down there. Like when you've been horseback riding or riding a bike with one of those banana seats. But it isn't anything really uncomfortable, just noticible to me that's all.


Audrey - November 17

Hello Everyone, I am 38 weeks, due on dec 1, i went to the dr yesterday, and am 2 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced, so hopefully soon...


melissa - November 17

Jodie, I so agree with you--I want this baby before Thanksgiving so I can actually eat more than a bite! I'm due Nov 29, been having the cramping here and there, not sure if I lost mucus plug, as was day after exam and doc said spotting would be normal--not sure if it was spotting or plug?? I'm just hoping my water breaks so I know for sure when it's for real. GL to everyone--may we all have empty tummies for turkey day! :)


Jodie - November 17

Hello Ladies!!! Hey Lynn...just a question...what kinda moves did they teach you for the ball? Just like rocking back and forth and stuff? I just kinda make up my own moves...hehehe....I bet I look funny. I just have to say MY DOG SMELLS TODAY!!!!! I gave him some steak lastnight and wooo weeee......never gonna do that again! But back to the pregnancy stuff....I am ready to vacc_m this child right out..........ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!


kav - due 26th nov - November 18

Had major cramps last night, very low on my abdomen and over my lower back too. Woke up this morning and they were gone, but I had 2 marks over my b___bs on my pj's where I have leaked loads of colostrum! Wonder if that means that baby time is iminent?! I have never heard of a birthing ball used before labour - sounds interesting. Jodie - I have never used a birthing ball and my hips hurt all the time anyway. I have been feeling like a bit of an old woman! Stiff joints, turning over in bed and getting up from bed all v.v. difficult! Still not too long now...hopefully...G.luck



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