38 Weeks Cervix Engaged Long Amp Closed

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krista-lee - May 12

i had my appointment at 11 today. doc did a pelvic exam only to tell me that things are going BACKWARDS!! when i went to the hospital at 35 weeks, doc said ive begun to efface and dilation was about 1/4 a cm. now NO dilation and NO effancment. His exact words: "Well... cervix is engaged, long and closed, looks like you'll have another 3-4 weeks". i wanted to CRY! i know its not nice to say but im SICK of being pregnant! i cant even keep going to school anymore because this is so uncomfortable! i used to get excited when the baby kicked but now i get mad whenever he/she kicks me because its causing me so much stress/pain and i cant even finish high school anymore. i just want it out! im pretty sure ill have depression because now i dont even have a desire to see the baby, i just want it OUT and AWAY! sorry had to vent. i hate this.


Chrissy - May 12

Wow That really SUCKS!!! I have never ever heard of things going, backwards, I didn't even know that was possible!!! I mean especially with the effacement! What in the world!! I feel so bad for you, BUT keep in mind that many a woman has been told that they will go another month, only to go into labor within a few days or less! You never know!! I don't blame you for wanting to cry, I am at 37 weeks and I am getting induced next week at 38 weeks, and I know for a fact that after being told that, there is no way I could handle being told I have to go another month! NOOOOOO WAY! IT is such a long road as it is, you don't want it any longer!! I will PRAY for you that you go into labor earlier!! Best of luck my dear!!! :(


Been There - May 12

Don't get discouraged Krista-lee. Get up and get moving. Walk and put some pressure on that cervix. I understand completely about being frustrated over it taking a long time. My second child was 9 days late. That was the most unbearable 9 days of my life and still she wouldn't come. I cried everyday just wanting it to be over. Please do yourself the favor and try to relax. I know you're tired, but you won't be helping yourself or the baby if you get terribly frustrated. It will cause you stress. Get up and do something to keep yourself occupied because you need to keep from getting depressed and falling apart.



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