38 Weeks And Doc Still Has Not Checked Dialation Effacement

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Jenn2 - May 26

I wrote a thread when I was 36/37 weeks about my doctor not checking me for dialation or effacement. today I had my 38 week appointment, and he still has not checked anything!! He does not believe it means anything b/c some women can go weeks like that before going into labor, and others can go into labor and do it all at once. Its just strange to me b/c I keep reading about everyone on here who knows where they are at concerning dialation and effacement. I guess the up side is that I wont expect anything at any point b/c I have no idea what my body is up to. Anyone else 38 weeks along, and dont know a thing???


Jenn2 - May 26

Oh.....one more thing.....I have not had an ultrasound since 20 weeks, my doctor has made no estimate on the size of my baby, and he has not checked to see her position. I feel like I know nothing!!


San - May 26

All doctors are different. Mine doesn't do internals for the same reason yours doesn't. My last us was at 20 weeks as well. It doesn't really bother me that I don't know what's going on because I really think it would drive me crazy knowing how (if any) dilated/effaced I am. All I know is that she's head down :)


Mommy_Erin23 - May 27

A lot woman have midwives, who do things very differently than OB's. My doc never checked with my first child and I am 38wks with my second child (same doc) and its the same story. Its really common. He has checked to see if the baby is head down, just using his hands, but nothing else. I don't mind, he seems to always know whats going on when I do have questions. However If it bugs you Im sure he would check for you if you asked. You have a the right to know even if he thinks its unessicary. Good luck and no worries :)


2Bamom - May 27

I am 40 weeks and 5 days. I just had my first internal on Thursday. They really don't tell you all that much and hurt like crazy.


starr - May 28

I'm 37 wks today and just started my wkly dr visits. I get an internal at every visit until baby is born. It does ease my mind a bit to know exactly what's going on down there,to know if I've dilated or not, especially since baby is sitting so low and I've had a few contractions.So far nothing still have 3 wks to go.Jenn2,maybe on your next visit you could express your concern and ask him to check just to ease your mind.Good Luck.


Allie - May 28

HI Jenn, I am 36 1/2 weeks - my dr doesn't normally do internals until at least 37 weeks if not later, but when he was doing the GBS I asked him if he would do an internal, and he said he would if I wanted...I would ask for one if it would make you feel better.



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