38 Weeks And Not Dilating Maybe Getting A Balloon Inserted

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CMbaby - March 31

SO, I made 38 weeks today and I go to the doctor and she tells me that she can feel the babies head but that my cervix is still closed. So next monday morning she's putting a balloon in my cervix to see if that doesn't get me dilating, then she'll induce me that night or tuesday morning. has anyone ever had this done? She told me the way its looking now, if the balloon doesn't work then i'll have to get a c-section, :-( I'm so bummed out right now. I just need someone to talk to.


DDT - March 31

I am sorry but that is one of the most ridiculous things I have heard. Your doctor wants to essentially force you to dilate. Firstly, you DO NOT need to be dilated to go into labour, and I can't believe she is even suggesting this. For example, with my first pregnancy I was 0cm dilated and went into labour naturally at 39w6d. You are only 38wks and your doc is taking a "now or never" approach. You do not have to do anything you don't want to and don't let her bully you into doing it. Your body/baby are able to go to 42 wks (unless baby is showing distress or other complications), so it's not unreasonable for you to ask her if you can wait to see if you can go into labour without medical intervention. IMO I would wait at least a few days past your due date before you start thinking about methods to induce labour. Good luck!


CgGirl - March 31

I have never heard of such a thing either. But then a gain, I don't have universal knowledge (as my mother would say :-) Anyhow, what's the rush??? I agree with DDT.


kay101 - March 31

First of all what is a balloon? I've only ever heard of a doctor doing a membrane sweep to get things 'moving'. If it didn't get you to dialate, why would she induce you a week before your due date? Do you have complications that would make it safer for you to deliver early? Why would you HAVE to have a c-section? Being induced has a higher risk of ending in a c-section, but that doesn't mean it will. I don't think them trying to manually dialate you has anything to do with the effect pitocin induced contractions would have on your cervix. I wouldn't be induced early unless it's medically necissary.


krissy2006 - March 31

I don't understand this either. I have never heard of using a balloon to open the cervix. I have heard of cervidill - long hormone (prostaglandins) engorged threads that are inserted into the cervix and cause you to dialate. I have heard of pitocin and oxytocin to induce labor but as these other girls said why induce you unless there is a medical reason? Is your baby large for gestational age? Are you a high risk pregnancy? Gestational diabetes? Is your baby's head not engaged? Once the baby moves down and its head engages and presses on your cervix it should start dilating on its own without intervention. If you want a v____al birth without high risk of c-section this is the best way to go. Also if your doctor thinks for some reason the baby may not move down, and the head may not engage due to placential issues or otherwise she wouldnt even bother using the balloon because the baby will never move down anyway and therefore a c-section would be needed regardless... I am somewhat appalled by such intervention as I think about it more and more... (unless of course you want it which u don't mention so I can only a__sume the contrary) There needs to be a good reason for a doctor to just make it a 'her way or the highway' scenario. Remember YOU are the mama and YOU make the decisions for you and the baby. YOU pay her for her advice, not her commands/demands.


CMbaby - March 31

Its a foley catheter, they insert it into the cervix and fill the tip with water which b__ws the balloon up to open the cervix. My doc said that the babies head is right there but i'm not dilating or contracting. She said I can wait one more week if I choose (40 wks) but she said she won't let me go a day over 40 weeks anyway. The baby isn't measuring big either. My mom had the same problem with me and my sister. We we're ready to some extent, but she just couldn't dilate so she had to a have a c-section. My doc said if the balloon doesnt work then I can wait till 40 weeks but then if nothing happens i'll have to get a c-section. Maybe its something she's not telling me.


kay101 - March 31

It's not something she isn't telling you, if there were a reason or something were wrong she HAS to tell you. I didn't go into labor at all with my daughter, she was perfectly happy in there and I was induced at 41 weeks 2 days. If you wait till 40 weeks they should try to induce you with something like pitocin, not just schedule you for a c-section. Those oh so fun contractions are what's going to dialate you. Sometimes doctors lay a plan out infront of you and make it seem like there's no room for question, but it's your baby so you get to decide on the birth plan.



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