38 Weeks Cant Sleep Anyone Else

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lisa - October 8

hi, the last few nights ive not been able to sleep for ages, when i finally get to sleep i wake up for wee's then wake realy early in th morning, i cant stop thinking about my baby and willing myself to go into labour, worrying that i wont go into labour ill have to wait till 42 weeks then something dreadfull might happen to my baby. Im not worried about the birth, i cant wait and know that i should try and sleep as its going to be tough once the baby comes but i feel at least if i had a baby to look after the insomnia would be worth it!


sleep - October 8

i already had my first baby boy few days back and i went thru the same too.. from 36 week i became so impatient that i used to cry whole night for the baby, my husband used to tell me don't worry he will come on his time and nothing bad will happen..but i really couldn't waite all, the same feelings that i might over due and things will get hard..but now when i have this beautiful and wonderful guy in my arms i wish that he was still in my belly coz i love him so much that i just can't be apart from him even for a sec...u will need ur rest in labor take my advice coz ppls adviced me and i didn't take it but i realzed that later..when things get started and u deliver the baby u will not be able to sleep coz u just want to look at his/her face 24 hours, and in hospital it's to hard to sleep with all those nurses who will bother u every half an hour.also if u had stiches it will be hell to even laydown or sit, ur uterus will be soo sore that u will feel like u r being punished..i'm not trying to scare u but this is what happened with me coz it's my first baby,..


lisa - October 8

thanks for your advice, i know i should, but i just lie there in the dark, ive come to hate bedtime as i feel trapped in the dark bored. I feel so childish the only thing i can relate this intence impatience is like when your a kid and you want to sleep on christmas eve but cant, you know if you just relax and go to sleep you will wake up to find your pressents without having to wait all night, but you still cant sleep. congratuations on your baby boy, i know i will want to look at my baby 24/7 too and therefor need to get sleep now, what i need is a mission, something to do other than wait for labour, ive already made the baby a bean bag, cleaned the house a million times, anyway shouldnt moan, 2/3 weeks isnt exactly a lifetime.


Barb - October 8

I don't sleep either....it's so frustrating. I will fall asleep quickly, but then I wake up EVERY hour,on the hour...go to the bathroom, then sit in bed with tons of pain in my hips..ect..I've accepted the fact that I'll never sleep again...lol...


lisa - October 9

yeh, barb i guess its better just to accept it than get wound up, last night i gave up trying to sleep and headed here, i felt alot better doing something than just lying there.


Shannon - October 9

i've had a terrible time sleeping. not only do i get up in the middle of the night to go pee, i also my dreams have been waking me up. they're not baby related, just wierd and/or nightmarish. anyone else having dream trouble? then early in the morning i start to get hungry and that keeps me up when i know full well i'm exhausted still. i can't wait til i can sleep through the night again. sadly, i know that won't be for some time. oh! i'm exactly 38 weeks today!!! :-)


lisa - October 9

yeh the hunger thing in the morning always gets me up before im ready



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