38 Weeks First Baby Head Not Engaged

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lisa - October 7

anyone had this experience, apparently the head should have engaged by now but hasnt, its at the brim and ive been doing everything i can for weeks to help it down but its not, does this mean ill go way over, baby isnt too big either.


lisa - October 8

anyone know???


christine - October 8

hi lisa.. i dont know the answer.. but im past my due date by 2 days now, and my doctor says my baby's head isnt engaged, which may be the delay. his head is "o.p." (i forget the technical term), but hes facing up and i have to get his head to turn. im doing those rocking excercises now to try and get him down.


lisa - October 8

i knw christine its so confusing, you would have thought it would all happen naturally, my baby is at the side, spine one side of bump (right) feet other, midwife said ideally it needs to be on the other side and has told me lots of things to do, i realy want this baby now, and now i cant even relax on the sofa without feeling guilty that im not in the forward open hips upright position....aghhhhh


Lesley - October 8

Babies head doesn't always get engaged untill labour. My daughters didn't


lisa - October 8

thanks Lesley, i felt like crying yesterday, now ive got some hope, was it your first baby?


Tonia - October 8

Lisa hey girl I know when you hear stuff like that you gat fustrated. Hell I know I do. My neighbor gave me a tip on what to do to make the baby move down. she told me to do some squats. I've been doing them and you can feel the pressure of the baby's head. I did a couple lastnight but not to many b/c cause my legs feel like they want to break. Just hold on to like a chair or something steady and spread your legs and just get to squatting. Let me know how it go for you. Good luck


lisa - October 8

cheers tonia, ive tried squats but how do you stop the pressure feeling in your legs while you do it? i feel like they will pop with the pressure as i have bad fluid retention, and have put on an almighty 21 kilos (3.5 stone) during pregnancy and im small.


Silvie - October 9

Lisa..I am 38 weeks too,babys head not engaged yet, and it is perfectly normal..nothing to worry! So take it easy,it will go down eventually....Besides I was doing squats all my pregnancy to be fit for delivery...have never heard this could help babys head move down.


Tonia - October 9

As far as the pressure goes I have the same problem and I don't know what to do about it. Iwas just taking advice from another mom. Maybe it's something that you don't need to worry about. My baby has dropped at a 1 station, and I can feel it. If your DR. say it is no biggie then don't stress just relax and enjoy your last few wks. Good luck


lisa - October 10

my midwife was mildly concerned, and instead of seeing me at 40 weeks which was my next appointment, she booked me in for 39 weeks one which im happy about, im starting to think mabie like she said my pelvic bpone is really low thats why im not feeling like im engaged as if i put my middle finger in my v____a i can feel the babys head quite easy, i thought to myself it would only take it another 6-7 cm and i would be crowning????



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