38 Weeks Roll Call

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Mary - October 14

Mary here! I am so happy I finally got to week 38, however, I am so past ready to have this baby. Every hour that passes I say to myself: maybe in the next minute contractions will start, my plug will fall, my water will break! Every hour I am closer to the end of this pregnancy and the start of motherhood. How are you feeling? How are you handling your lasts weeks, what are you doing to stay sane? - I just hope it all starts soon, like .. in the next minute! Much easy labors to all of you and healthy, healthy, healthy babies!


Kelly K - October 14

I'm about ready to just crawl up into a little ball and stay there until this little girl decides to show herself!! I went to the doc Tuesday and I went from nothing the week before to 80% effaced. He said it'll be at least another couple of weeks. I'm hoping for a week or week and a half though. :) Hope everyone else is great!


Ranya - October 14

I'm right with you Mary, everytime I go to the bathroom I imagine losing my plug, but of course NOTHING!!! I don't feel anything and as you know my doc doesn't give me internals so I have no clue if anything is happening down there! I'm lucky that it's Ramadan here in Egypt, it's like thanksgiving everyday (for a month) I suppose, so we're always invited out...too much food and too many "you're still in one piece" comments!!!!


Tammy - October 14

38 weeks today and so ready for this to be over. My son wants me to have this baby so he can sit on my lap again. I just want to be able to bend down. Considering, is everyone feeling okay? I found out I have to have a c-section and now I am nervous that I am going to go into labor beforeohand. Every pain I think this might be it. I'm driving myself nuts. By next Friday I will be holding my new baby....can't wait. Good luck to you all, healthy, speedy deliveries.


<Amy> (UK) - October 14

I feel exactly the same, check myself everytime i go to the toilet and any twinges i sit and wait hoping it's a contraction! Or any time my bladder leaks i'm hoping it's my waters lol. This is my first so no idea what to expect but i just want it over! Feel like i hav a bowling ball between my legs!


Mary - October 14

I am still working - from home this week, thank God ... so I am a bit busy. However, my aches are many and I need, need this to end soon ... so we are all 38 weeks! How awesome, who will go first? :) :)


michelle - October 14

i am 38 weeks as well i am being induce on the 28 if nothing happens before then. i am so excited i can't stand myself. i have a ultrasound on tuesday to see if the baby is still breech. god i hope not it looks painful on the tv when they have to manually move the baby. i also have a wonderful cold that my 3 year old have me so they have me on antibiotics and they do not seem to be working at all. i tell you what ladies i am miserable. good luck to everyone!!!!


lisa - October 14

hi mary....i was due oct 30 but i had my baby sept 29. i had to be induced because of low fluid...she was born healthy and was 5 9 and 19inches long. hope all goes well with everyone.


Mary to Lisa - October 14

So you were the first! Congratulations! I am glad to know that everything went fine. Stay in touch here to see how we start popping them out!


Julie - October 14

Hi ladies. I am scheduled for a c-section on Monday. I am not due until the 24th, but the baby is measuring really big (about 9 pounds at my 38 week ultrasound) so my doctor doesn't think we should let the pregnancy go any further. Can you imagine how big he would be in another 2-4 weeks? Anyway, I am nervous about the surgery, but I think it is best. Wish me luck?


Mary - October 15

Julie, good luck. Everything will be fineand you will have a little one in your arms to love and cuddle with!


Mary - October 17

I am off to work. Yesterday I solved the amazing Maize Maze with my hubby - which means I walked a corn field maze for about 45 minutes at pretty decent pace (over a mile & 1/2 we calculated). I was having cramps and contractions the whole time, I was so sure that I was getting labor started. Well, here I am today going to work and no news to share. I do have a prenatal and maybe there I will get anything interesing to tell. Baby Jaime loves me so much he wants to stay in the womb. :)


Kim - October 20

Hi again! Congratulations to all of you who have given birth already! I keep hearing about people going almost a month early but my little one does not seem to want to come out. I am due 10/31 and I am only 1 cm dialated, although the baby weighs about 8 pounds now, they estimate. My doctor is away until 10/30, though, and so it's been hard to get the other doctor's to tell me much. I really want an October baby, though (it's my favorite month) and so I am hoping that he or she comes in the next 10 days since my doctor's won't induce this early. I am still working out every day, though, and working until the 28th in a job where I am on my feet all day and so my hope is that that will help. Good luck to everyone!


Mary to Kim - October 21

I also wanted an October baby over a November one. My due date is 10/28 and my doctor will not induce me until he feels the medical need for it - which can be up to 2 weeks after my due date. :)


Kim - October 21

Mary, it looks like we are in the same boat! Since we live FAR from the hospital, my Doctor had told me early on that he would induce around this time if I was dialated enough but now he will not. I may be able to talk him into it at 40 weeks, which is when he is back in the office. They don't want to risk a c-section by inducing but if the baby is as big as they say it is right now and continues to grow, that could very well be the case. Oh well, I guess that we can just hope for the best and maybe we'll be surprised. I know that they say first babies come late but I have been so active and everyone I know has been between 2 and 4 weeks early with their first. Maybe this weekend....



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