38th Percenttile

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gina143 - March 2

So my doctor said my baby is in the 38th percentile for growth... a little on the small side. Anyone else having a small baby? what I dont understand is the ultrasound lady said he was measuring 4 days before my due date... wich would make him a little bigger.. she said. Of course I believe my doctor. So what can I do To make him bigger? She said I just carry small.. my daughter was 5"11oz.... Is anyone else in the 40% or below???


gina143 - March 2

I gained 36 pounds all together... I eat all the time... Im so upset!! I just want a healthy baby!!!


Gretta - March 2

The ultrasounds are accurate up to a pound on either side - so if they say your baby is 6 lbs it could be 5 or 7 lbs. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. You baby sounds right on target! Good luck and don't fret!


danimarie - March 2

Did your doctor say your baby WASN'T healthy? I don't think that being in the 38th percentile is anything to be upset about at all. Be happy- just less to push out! I'd say if your doctor was worried then they would tell you something to try to do about it, but if they aren't worried then you shouldn't be either- just keep doing what you're doing.


cindernar - March 2

38th percentile is just a bit smaller than average. You're probably fine!


Alison - March 2

That sounds ok to me Gina. My DD was 7lb 15.5oz when she was born and was on 75th percentile, but over the first few weeks she went down to the 25th and now at nearly 6 months has remained on the 25th percentile and is perfectly healthy putting on weight at a good rate, she is just pet_te like her mummy! Looks nice and plump though :-) Your baby sounds fine to me try not to worry. A friend of mine was told she was having a big baby about 9lb and he ended up being just over 7lb, it's only an estimate at this stage, and 38th percentile is ok. I wouldn't worry about trying to make baby bigger (not sure how you'd do that) your baby sounds just fine to me - take care x


pebblesnbambam - March 2

My baby is in the 40th percentile right now... measuring right on target. Some have little babies.. some bigger... as long as baby is healthy.. don't worry about it.. Easier said than done..


lolita - March 2

I know how you feel. I got an ultrasound and my baby was in the 25 percentile but my doctor said she is fine but I still worry!!!!! So I know how you feel, I was like, do I need to eat more? Is it stress? What the heck!!!!! She's just a little girl I guess!! Good Luck!


MAT - March 3

Unless your baby has gone from being in the upper percentile to the lower percentile, I would not worry. According to my doctors, there are concerns if the baby is in the 10th percentile or lower. Otherwise, there are lots of reasons babies are small - some people just have smaller babies. It doesn't mean that anything is wrong.


crystal74 - March 3

my baby is in the 85th percentile for growth. i couldn't believe it. i was due two days ago and am measuring 3 weeks larger than i should be. oh boy!!!!


lunamoo - March 4

Gina, being "at the 38th percentile" is JUST FINE!!! Besides the u/s is just an estimate and could be off. The difference between 38th and 50th is probalby less than a quarter of a pound in weight! Which is NOTHING to worry about at all. Anything above the 10th percentile is just normal and even slightly below that could just very well be a normal variant. I can't believe your dr. would tell you your baby is "on the small side". What a way to scare a woman out of enjoying her pregnancy. Shame on him/her.



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