38wk Please Induce Me

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MomC - November 26

How is everyone feeling? I'm 38 weeks. 2 cm dilated 50% effaced. It is very uncomfortable for me to walk or to lift my legs up to put on pants or walk up steps. I have contractions off and on and my back hurts. I've been having like a slimy discharge. I love being pregnant but I am ready to have this baby! I wonder what the chances are of my being induced? I have three other children to consider when I go into labor and would rather have it planned out so I can have them at their grandparent's house instead of freaking them out with me being in labor. I had pretty fast labors with my other pregnancies. Take care ladies! :o)


lisa - November 27

im in the uk they wouldnt induce me untill 10 days over, i nearly went mad, and everyone kept anoyingly saying make the most of this time when the baby comes youll want to go back, no way its far easier baby out than in!!


shaletta - November 27

hi im 39 weeks today, went to the docs on wednesday, (4 days ago) AND nothing was going on no effacement or dialation, i feel the same way, i want this baby out. I want to be induced, i only have 2 weeks left til due day and its killing me.


kristin - November 27

I know how you ladies feel. I can't take this anymore. I'm 38 and a half weeks and I am ABSOLUTELY miserable. I didn't think it would ever get this bad. Sometimes I feel like sleeping the day away so I don't have to think about it, but then again sleeping is miserable too. I'm scared to death of labor, but I'm beginning to think labor would be much better than weeks of this. My doctor won't even talk to me about induction until my due date at the earliest. And that's just talking about it. So I'll prolly end up going at least 41 weeks and I don't think I can take it.


Jaclyn - November 29

I feel really fortunate to have picked my dr. She is inducing me at 38 weeks 5 days. I don't have any medical problems, but just didn't want to have him on Christmas day. I was really surprised when she told me that she would induce me before week 40, but I wasn't about to argue


Stephanie - November 29

I feel your pain. I was due yesterday and nothing yet! 3cm dialted and 80% effaced as of last Wednesday, but nothing yet obviously. I am miserable!!! Tomorrow I have another appointment, so we'll see what my doctor has to say.


JB - November 29

Talk to your doc. If you are in the US, some docs don't mind inducing at 38 and a half weeks, especially if this isn't your first child. Good luck!!


Christina - November 30

I'm in the same boat as you are...38.5w and 60% effaced. My doctor told me that I was a good candidate for induction so I'm going in to have it done. I'll be exactly 39 weeks then. I think most doctors would consider it if they think that the induction would be a success. Good luck!



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