39 Weeks

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impatientMamma - November 23

Here we are! week 39! Due Nov. 30th! No baby here. Anyone else still around? We started week 38 by checking in daily with possible labor symptoms as well as any natural inducing methods (ie walking, etc...). AND then checking in after the baby is born. Jodie had her baby this past weekend... gives us hope!!!!! Congratulations, again, on the beautiful boy Nicholas. I'm hoping I make it before my due date -- preferably THIS weekend while family is around (we live far away from our families). For some reason, I have been unable to sleep tonight/last night ... AT ALL. anticipation/stress of the family coming today I presume. No labor symptoms here, except some indigestion, also probably stress/anticipation/excitement of family. Well.. hopefully we'll have some Thanksgiving babies! Happy Thanksgiving all!!!!!


Lynn - November 23

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone also. No baby here yet. I had my membranes stripped yesterday and woke up with cramping throughout the night. This morning my back is a little achy & I have cramping off & on... I REALLY want this baby to come before 11/30, that is the date of my scheduled induction and I really don't want to be induced!


Jackie - November 23

I am due Dec 2nd....last night I had severe braxton hicks...stomach got really tight and got cramps. Going for my weekly visit to dr today..hopefully I have dilated (last week i was barely at 1cm)


nicole - November 23

Still here. Due Dec. 5. My braxton hicks have calmed down in the last couple of days, I am just having cramping off and on and diarreah- yuck! My midwife said yesterday that I am one cm dialated and -2 station. Happy Thanksgiving!!


Mary - November 23

Just a note to let you know to hang in there. I delivered 12 days after the due date and I was miserable waiting. However, the wait was worth it. He is adorable, big (22 inches and 9 lb 1 oz), and he came out with rozy cheeks and all, a true cherub! He is a great boy and has no colic at all. Waiting for a baby to be ripe can have these benefits. So again, hand in there soon the aches of carrying your little one will be in the past.


Jackie - November 23

Just came back from doc..I am 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced. ...Baby has dropped...I dont know if that means anything :(


melissa - November 24

also still here. some braxton hicks, but nothing else much new. have thanksgiving tomorrow, visitation fri, funeral sat, thanksgiving #2 sun, and another funeral monday, due tues....hoping to go on dec 1, but mom says will probably be in the midst of all this chaos! Happy Thanksgiving girls--I'm thankful my baby is healthy, even if she is hiding out! :)


impatientMamma - November 24

still here, still nothing and getting a little depressed. Happy Thanksgiving.


nicole - November 24

impatientmama- Hang in there. I know it's hard when you are so unconfortable, believe me I feel your pain. It is also hard to be a ticking time bomb over Thanksgiving. I was advised not to eat a large meal in case I go into labor. NO FUN!!


kris A. - November 24

Well, I hope all had a really great happy thanksgiving - in spite of babies still being inside. I am now 4 days past due and each seems to get a little longer... trying to stay upbeat about it since there is nothing to be done anyway... baby is really slowing down now and causing me concern, she just doesn't have any room left so I have to feel for her to check for movement which makes me nervous. I will feel better after tomorrow when I go in for a stress test and ultrasound to make sure she's all right... I am sure she is, because I can feel her move around, but I swear, this pregnancy has been some ride. I miscarried a month before this pregnancy, then got pregnant but bled for 16 weeks due to subchorionic hemorraghe and placenta previa, had to go on bed rest for 3 weeks for bleed to resolve, then finally got the all clear and now the little bugger wont come out - sorry this is so long, I just had to vent. Now for the thankful part of thanksgiving, I am thankful for my dear hubby who made thanksgiving dinner - first time in his 44 years - and it turned out great. He had help as my 15 year old helped him and it was pretty funny watching them from my perch on the couch as they argued who was going to get the giblets out of the turkey. They were laughing so hard is was a real joy to watch them together, so in a way, upon reflection, I guess the baby holding off today was not the worst thing... but I wouldn't mind if she made her appearance tomorrow. Thanks for letting me vent, again.


Lynn - November 25

I'm IN LABOR!!!! I started with slight crampy/contractions this morning when I woke up.. they lasted until about 11 am, they got to be about 9 minutes apart before subsiding. Then I had just a basic ga__sy/bloated/crampy feeling this afternoon, lost my mucos plug - trust me you WILL know it when you see it - it is unmistakable. SO we went over to my mom & dads house about 20 minutes from our house & at about 5 I started having regualr contractions every 10 minutes. I didn't time how long they were though, but I was guessing around 45 seconds. We got home around 8 and they went right to 5 minutes apart and 60 seconds long. I have been laboring at home since. DH is trying to get a few hours of sleep before we head off to the hospital (I am writing this at 12:30 am on friday). So I hope to be holding my little girl sometime Friday!!! So far the peaks of the contractions hurt like hell, but they are managable otherwise. They start felling like menstrual cramps and then wrap around to my hips and back and then peak & then start to subside, lasting a total of about 60-70 seconds. My water hasn't broken yet though. I will check back in later! or After I get home from the hospital.


jodie - November 25

Kris A- Sounds like you had a good thanksgiving. Your not still working are you???hehehe. I hope you go into labor today...maybe all the thanksgiving food will push your baby out. As for me..it's been fun adjusting to this new baby. I never realized how much people really meant NO SLEEP. I give you kudos for having 3 kids already...you must be an awesome mom. Well good luck popping this new little girl out!!!!


impatientMamma - November 25

just checkiing in... no baby yet


melissa - November 25

Congrats Lynn! Thought for sure I was in labor last night, but just strong bh, which subsided by early AM. Anyone else been sleeping tons? I just can't get enough, and feel bad sleeping the days away, but according to Kris, it may be worth it! :)


nicole - November 25

Congrats Lynn! Thanks for the details. Check back in when you can. Nothing here yet, just really tired.


Stephanie - November 25

Congrats Lynn! I hope it's the real deal, which it really sounds like it is. :) I'm 39 weeks too, lost my mucus plus and had my bloody show. As of Weds I was at 3cm and 80% effaced. Today I've been really crampy/ga__sy feeling, with some strong contractions. Nothing too regular yet though. My due date is 11/28 and I want this baby out!


Erika - November 26

I just wanted to say congrats to Lynn and give a super thanks for the details...any account of what happens is more than welcome! Today is the official due date and still no signs. At least I'll get to finish decorating the house for Christmas before she comes! Monday we have an appointment with the doctor and then who knows...



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