39 Weeks Bloody Show And No Baby Yet

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tiramisu - June 28

Hi All- I'm currently at 39 weeks, cervix is soft and dilated 2 cms and had my bloody show Sunday night- which the doctor also confirmed at my appt Monday morning. He says the earliest I can go would be 2-3 days, but it's Thursday now and no signs of labor...just frequent contractions that are just uncomfortable- not painful. I'm getting extremely impatient, anxious, and physcially it's just getting VERY uncomfortable. Sorry to vent here...just wondering how soon after a bloody show did you ladies go into labor? Anyone else in the same boat as me?


kimberly - June 28

Sounds like it wll be soon, but unfortunately there is no way to know for sure. I had frequent contractions and lost my mucus plug 2 days before I actually went into labor with my first. With my second I think I would have just kept dilating and probably never went into labor on my own. I started dilated at 35 weeks and by 38 weeks I was 5 cm with no real contractions, so they just induced me. Good luck , and I hope it is soon!


tiramisu - June 28

ahh i hope it is soon too!! after i posted this question in the AM, my back starting going on me.. I've been extremely achey in the back all day and I did have some cramping in the front earlier in the day...


strwbrytigger - July 2

It doesn't sound like it will be to long since you are already dilated. Try taking a nice long walk around the block or in a shopping center. To help ease some of the pain try taking a nice warm bath. and try sitting in different positions even belly side down only hold yourself up off the bottom of the tub. I think I am in the bathtub at least 2-4 times a day.


lily10 - July 2

tiramisu, hopefully you had your baby by now!! I have been having what I think is bloody show all weekend. I also lost my mucus plug on friday. My due date was yesterday 07/01 so hopefully I'll go into labor soon.


tiramisu - July 2

Hi All! No baby yet!! Just got back from my doc and I am still fingertip dilated...I really thought the bloody show was a sure sign that I would go into labor right away..but obviously didn't happen for me. The doc said that I may see more of a bloody show as I keep thinning out and dilating. There is light at the end of the tunnel though.. If she doesnt come by my due date, I have an induction tentatively scheduled for next Thursday..I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have to be induced though....


aliciavr6 - July 2

I lost mucous plug and then had my baby about 24 hours later.


DDT - July 2

I was in labour (early stage) when I had my bloody show. I started having contractions at 4am, and then had my bloody show at around 7-8am. Then my water broke at 9am. I am sure you will be in labour soon, or maybe you will need a__sistance to start contracting. BTW my bloody show happened in bits. It didn't all happen at once. I was having bloody show until about 11am.


tiramisu - July 4

Well..looks like I may be in labor right now.. I had some more bloody show this morning and now getting contractions 5 mins apart with extreme cramping in the back, belly...enough to my make my toes curl.. doc says to call back when the contractions are 3 mins apart.. what do you ladies think?


eclectic66 - July 4

Yep, sounds like you may be on your way!! GL!! Hope it all goes well :-)


Prego1 - July 4

I hope that u have ur baby soon! Take care......



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