39 Weeks Is It Ok To Have 2 Pints Of Beer

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Alaina - August 14

lula show me a study that says it's ok,to drink while pregnant? I go to John Hopkins which is also a top hospital(the first to cure blue babies) and my doctor said not even wine. I can't understand why people can't wait a few more days or weeks, but thats just me ,do what you want with your own, but like the others have said why even ask a question that you already answerd unless you already feel quilty and need some reinsurance.Where I'm from they run a toxic screen on the baby when he/she is born, if it comes back positive(like it would if you had a beer) they take your child, so whats that tell you. Like I said thats only my opinon do what you want.


Alaina - August 15

To wow, I never said I was a student, I said thats where I go to the Doctors.I was also just giving my opinon.Sorry John"s" Hopkins.I was just saying I don't think many Doctors would agree it's ok to drink while pregnant, better safe then sorry.And until I can find a study that says it's ok to drink while pregnant I would rather not.


glendy - August 15

i personally would not dare, but from what i have heard an occasional drink is ok...i have a friend in france and it's completely normal to have your daily gla__s of wine while prgnant...i think it's only really bad when you get drunk...


haha - August 15

So, if you want to drink a small amount of alcohol when pregnant, then you are automatically an alcoholic? Get real. Some advice for the people on this board to the women who are freaking out about it, why don't you seek out some REAL alcoholic Mom's-to-be in your local area and offer them support. They are the ones who actually need it, yet I doubt if they would come forward for help, considering the over-reactions and hysteria I've seen here. Baby Girl, baby should be fine, I'm a__suming you were eating (and drinking water)at the same time and didn't just chug back 2 pints one after the other within 10 minutes. Something few people will have taken into account when they reacted so quickly.


haha - August 15

By the way, I wasn't expecting that any of you would actually go out and offer your help to those in need of it in your community. After all, it's so much easier to rip into someone anonymously on the internet, isn't it?


For Erin - August 16

I'm sorry, but you're misinformed. Drinking will not increase your milk supply. It's rumored to help with let down, but that can be debated.


Jennifer - August 16

Okay this is getting ridiculous. Calling each other alcoholics and shooting each other down for simply stating an opinion? I attend AA and NA meetings along with my mother. I have seen several women come into those rooms strung out on drugs and alcohol at their wits end not knowing what to do. I've also seen several women in the same situation come in who were pregnant. True alcoholics and drug addicts seeking help to protect themselves of course but also their baby. And I know of several women who just drink occasionally who immediately stop (like me) the moment they find out their pregnant. Even if it says a gla__s of wine is okay every now and then why do it anyway. It cant possibly help you. I just read another question in this forum about smoking. Some of their docs say to not quit cold turkey just try to cut back. So just because your doc says its okay just to cut back means smoking is good for you and you should continue doing it even if you have the will to quit? If there's such contraversy on whether or not alcohol is safe during pregnancy why risk it? I just dont understand people sometimes. And I'm sure the reason for that is because I'm not that person. Not trying to judge anyone just stating my opinion so please dont start jumping all over my case. Everyone have a good day!! :) Good luck baby girl!


Shannon - August 17

I think your freakin crazy!!!! It is totally not even worth it! Is having a couple of beers really sooooo important that you have to risk it? All of you that have done so should be ashamed of yourself.


Shamiraxoxo - September 8

I don't really understand why these women are so judge mental a little advice doesn't require bashing or name calling nobody has a phd here do they ? just your Google masters or personal opinions stop being so dang rude my doctor that is educated on the subject said it was ok in moderation I don't drink but asked in case I went out with my husband or to a family function my mother also told me she had a beer while she was pregnant .. I just wouldn't recommend getting drunk you should visit some other sites they are less judgmental this is the worse one I've seen so far . 


bibik - October 14

In my opinion, a glass of wine, if it is rare, don't harm a child. But I, personally, avoid drinking alcohol during my pregnancy. I'm also 39 weeks-pregnant and care of my child. I spend a lot of time reading different articles about pregnancy, especially on MotherHow. Now I'm reading "39 weeks pregnant". Quite informative)



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