39 Weeks Today

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Jodie - November 15

Ahhh.......I am going nuts....does anybody else just feel like pushing and see what happens.....hehehe. My baby is still moving as much as he did weeks ago...except now it hurts when he moves because there is no room left in there....i feel like my skin is gonna rip!!!! I go in tomorrow to have my cervix stretched and hopefully that will make things move. Is anyone else going nuts?


Ca__sie - November 15

I'm not going nuts yet (only 36 weeks) but I know what you mean about the movement hurting now. It does not hurt all the time for me, but once in a while she does jab me so that I cringe. It feels like a bruise being poked at again and again. Ouch! Oh, and your comment about pushing "just to see" is hilarious. Made me laugh! lol.


Tati - November 15

Jodie, I don't want to be nosy but what is a cervix stretch this is my 3rd pregnancy and I don't even know what that is. Does it help? Also how does it happen?


tracy - November 15

i'm where you are Jodie - my due date is this Friday and yes, i'm starting to go nuts! :) i just want to see my little girl! i started my mat leave this week and so far i've cleaned, sorted, organized and cleaned some more. i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow but my doctor doesn't do any cervix stretching - but we will induce 8 days after my due date. this is my first and i know statistically first timers go over, but i was really hoping that i wouldn't be one of them! :P oh well. every little twitch and pain gets me thinking 'this could be it!' but .. well .. it's not! i'm interested to hear how the cervix stretch goes - how do they do that?


jodie - November 16

I am not exactly sure what cervical stretching is..i looked it up on line and didn't get a clear answer. All I know is it involves fingers and stretching......hehehe. I laugh now but i will be in pain later.....hehehe....well i will let everyone know how it goes..fun fun fun



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