39 Weeks W Severe Pelvic Pain Normal

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cyclemom - February 8

I've had pretty bad sharp pelvic pain for the past few weeks. My baby has been at station 0 now for three weeks (pretty low). The last few nights I have had severe pelvic pain. It's pretty low and it honestly feels like a broken bone. It's worse at night and keeps me up for hours at a time. It's a pretty constant pain. I know that our pelvis separates some before birth, but is it normal to have such extreme pain? The pain also radiates down my groin and front legs. It also hurts when I stand up, get out of the car, roll over in bed, sit up. . . it's driving me crazy. Anyone know if this is just another normal pregnancy thing we have to deal with?


DDT - February 8

I've had the same pain (38w4d) it doesn't keep me up at night though as it does for you...I don't know what station my baby is at because I haven't been checked internally yet, but my doc did say that he's dropped and is low. When I roll over in bed or get up I hear cracks and pops from my pelvis. I feel like an old woman because it takes me a few minutes to get up. It hurts so much (for example) when I am lying down or sitting for a period of time and then I lift my leg up and then down...OUCH!! I will be asking my doc about it at my next visit on Tues. I don't know if you have an appointment thats sooner than that ...but I will let you know what my doc has to say about it. BUT my guess is that its another normal pregnancy thing.


Rabbits07 - February 10

Sounds like it may be symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). I had this my last 2 pregnancies. Check out this website and see if it sounds like you. If so you may want to ask your ob/midwife about it. h ttp://w ww.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/antenatalhealth/physicalhealth/pelvicpain/?_requestid=52980 (remove any dashes or spaces but leave the underscores)


cyclemom - February 10

Thanks so much for the info! After reading the website link, it really sounds like that's what it is. I've read that birthing positions can make a big difference in if it goes away after pregnancy. Do you have any advice on that? I'm planning on going natural (without meds) and have a birthing ball. Did you try any other birthing positions that seemed to work? My next appointment is Monday, but I'm really hoping my baby decides to come before then. Thanks for your help!!


Carly67 - February 18

This is my fouth baby and I am 33 weeks pregnant. I have had pelvic pain from early on (7weeks) got really bad at about 15 and now at 33 it takes a 6 point turn for me to change position in bed and sometimes it hurts to walk so bad. My doctor has always checked the length of my cervix and everything is fine so he says it is just something I have to deal with. I know of many woman who have this but I do not remember this in any of my previous pregnancies. Anyway that is exactly what it feels like. It feels like my pelvis is broken the pain is extreme that I wonder how it will be when I am in labor and pushing. I have had very very easy quick births in the past with only three pushes and my baby was out even with the first.



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