39w 3 Days Cramping Backache No Contractions

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MelG - June 19

Wondering if this is normal - I am 39 w, 3 days and for the last 3 days I have had considerable cramping and backache but very few contractions (not even BH). I lost a tiny bit of plug (it was pinkish) over the weekend, but nothing really to speak of. Otherwise, everything seems normal (movements, etc.) Is the cramping going to go on like this for the rest of the pregnancy? It's quite uncomfortable.


louise_J - June 19

Hey, dont really know the answer to your question but i'm in the same situation! My due date is this Friday making me 39 wk 3 days too! I started with this lower backache about 2 weeks ago the same day i had a bit of a show, went to the midwifes and she said i was 2 cm dilated and probably in early labour, since then nothing! Everyday i have the backache, mild cramps and a few tightenings but i'm still convinced i haven't had any proper contractions yet! I was told to wait untill i got regular contractions or my waters broke and 2 weeks later i'm still here! anyway each days a step closer! Good luck


MelG - June 20

louise_J: You seem in exactly the same spot as me. I had this over the weekend on Saturday, then back to normal on Sunday, then again tonight I thought it might be it. Started in with the cramping, backache, then contractions that wouldn't go away even when I laid down, then a few hours later, back to normal. I feel like my body is trying to jump start the process but keeps sputtering out so returns back to status quo. I'm amazed at the women on here who just spontaneously go into labor. I feel like my body will keep on in this cycle for some time.


louise_J - June 20

Hi MelG, I had the worst backache/cramping last night and what i'm sure were contractions all the way form about 6pm until i went to sleep, i really thought it could be it but this morning-nothing! What do your contractions feel like? i get confused as to whether what im feeling is actually a contraction? my tummy gets a bit tight but theres no real pain, i hear women say it takes their breath away but i hardly feel a thing, i can't really tell how long they last either, they just seem to gradually wear off.........................this is my first in case you haven't guessed!


MelG - June 20

louise_J: It's really neat that we're going through this at the same time so we can compare experiences. What I cla__sify as contractions is when I was laying down and I felt these awful menstrual cramps, nothing I could do would make them go away, and then my stomach would harden for about 20-30 seconds, then it would gradually get better. This was also accompanied by lower back pain. I wasn't officially timing them, but I know they weren't 5 minutes apart or regular but I had enough of them within a few hour span to make me wonder. The worst is that now I am having menstrual type pains that are pretty bad and keep me from being able to walk around normally. They are coming and going and don't seem to be subsiding at all but rather always there. I tried to take a walk last night and the cramps were so bad I had to stop several times. Since that time, I have been feeling bad and just had diarrhea this morning and feel nauseous and my lower back is hurting. I still don't have regular contractions or any bleeding or membranes rupturing so I don't know if this is signalling a problem or something I will just have to live with. It almost feels like a real bad case of PMS.I can't imagine that I will have to go through this for days before real labor starts. It's unbelievable uncomfortable and I have a call into my doctor to find out if this is normal or the start of something. I will post back when I have more info.


MelG - June 20

Well, I'm back to report that the pain will continue and is not even close to being real labor pains. Even though they are throbbing and constantly there, they are not intense enough to be the real thing. And I made absolutely no progress in the past 5 days. I was told this could continue on for a few more weeks and that the real thing would have me doubled over. It's weird because I've been following this board regularly and I've yet to see someone like me. Most just have their water break and go into labor early or even if they go late, I've not heard of people complaining of severe pain for those last few feeks. I should have known because early on I had a dream that this baby wouldn't come until July 4th. Everyone I told said it was crazy and that because most in my family have gone early it didn't sound plausible. Now, I'm starting to think it may well just happen. Good luck to you louise_j and may your labor progress faster than mine seem to be!!


louise_J - June 21

Hiya, had my midwifes appt yesterday, she didn't do an internal or anything o none the wiser as to whether anythings happening! 2 days till due date! Kept myself busy today and i've hardly even thought about 'it' best to keep yourmind occupied i suppose! fingers crossed


louise_J - June 24

Hi Mel are you still around??? My due date came and went (23rd) boooo!!! Hows things with you?


MelG - June 24

Hey louise_j same here - everything is still in limbo and I've made no progress from a week ago. Doctor says she will let me go another week if everything is OK, but she wants to induce by the end of the following week if nothing has happened. She is nervous for me to go beyond 2 weeks. I am always hoping, hoping.... Yesterday she was bouncing around and I think she knew it was her due date, she just didn't want to come out for the party!!


louise_J - June 25

its such a horrible uncertain thing being overdue!! Im back at midwifes on Tuesday and she will book me in for induction next week, the max they let you go over at my hospital is 14 days, im hoping she makes an appearance before though!



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