3D 4 D Ultrasound Is It Worth The Money

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Christy - October 25

I found a place a couple hours away from me that does the 3D 4D ultrasound. It's gonna be around $200.00. I'm just wondering if anyone else here has been and had one and what they thought. There website is 4dbabies.com, just click on your state and it will link you to the nearest clinic. I'm also wondering if they will tell me the size of baby. Thanks.


J - October 25

I did it at 27 weeks, and he had his face covered the whole time until the last five minutes. It was cool, b/c you can see everything a lot more clear. I saw him yawning, and I could see him gums. He had his hands and feet in front of his face for awhile but I still got to see it quite a bit. It was cool to see his features. And it doesn't ruin the surprise b/c it's not exactly how he is going to look when he comes out but I think it helps you bond and it brings some of the excitment back b/c with me I get a little bored in my pregnancy until something happens like him kicking or somehting like that.


dani - October 25

Christy, I got mine done a few weeks ago and it was worth it. Unfortunetly, my little guy was facing my back and his head was partially buried in the placenta and he was sleeping, so that said, I only got a side face shot but it's very clear.....a lot of ppl are saying he looks like my hubby. They also gave me a $75 discount b/c of the way the baby was positioned, so that was nice. I also went with the $200 package, it came with a cd to the whole ultrasound w/ music (kinda neat), all images archived on a disc, and 2 4D ultrasound pics, 2 3D ultrasound pics. I would say go for it!


Brandy - October 25

Christy, my husband and I had the 3D ultrasound done at 29 weeks and our little guy had his arms and hands in front of his face the whole time. Apparently, from what they told us is that they are only able to get a good visual of the baby's face 50% of the time. However, we could have went back to try again, but chose not to...wanted to wait to see him at birth. So that much was our choice. I wouldn't discourage it, just make sure what the type of discount/refund you get if they cannot get a good picture. That was our experience; however, there are plenty of people that have successful experiences. Our little man just did not want to be seen yet :)


Lory - October 25

Hey Christy. Our baby has to be monitored with an ultrasound every 2 weeks, because of a slight complication (long story...you can look at my thread under 3rd trimester "baby's brain"). We have been lucky because our doctor has 3-D/4-D equipment. We have got to watch him grow! I started having the 4-D ultrasounds at 20 wks. and will be having them until the end of my pregnancy. I am now 31 wks. We just went yesterday and got some more wonderful pictures. He does snuggle up against the placenta and sometimes does make it hard to see his face, but when we can, it is very detailed and sooo cute! Sometimes, when they are trying to get the best angle, they take off some of the baby's nose and it can look kind of creepy, but it's still there...LOL! I think it would be worth it if you can do it. Even if you don't see all of his face clearly, you can still get some very cute, interesting pictures! Good luck!


Christy - October 26

Thanks you guys. I think I'll have it done. Also, did they measure the baby and give you an estimate as to what he/she weighs? I haven't had an ultrasound since 19 weeks (currently 29) and I am just so curious as to how big she is. Thanks again everyone. Lory, I hope everything will go well for you and your baby.


Lory - October 26

Thanks! They measure the baby's head size, stomach, leg bones (femur), etc. and this gives them an estimate of what he/she weighs. My baby weighed app. 3lbs. 10 oz. 10/24!



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