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Carla - June 26

Hello all, just wanted to know if any of you got one of the 3d/4d sono's done? I made an appt at envision ultrasound to get it done and i am very excited, i will be 33 weeks when i get it done. Just wanted to hear your thought and experiences on it/


Mellissa - June 26

i got a 3-d u/s done at 27 weeks. it was so amazing to get to see what this little guy looks like. it was so worth the money!! here are some pics of mine: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/prissiemissie11/my_photos remove any -'s. :)


Carla - June 26

Wow Great pics, Im getting very excited now!


mommie2be - June 26

It's such a beautiful experience. We had ours done at 28 wks (we're now 34 wks). She had all fingers and toes. We were able to find out that she looks like my husband. They placed the 50 minute session on a video, set to music. They also gave us 50+ photos, along with a CD with all pics and video clips. It was amazing and I hope it's best experience for you!!


olhdw101 - June 26

We had a 3D done at 28 weeks and it turned out terrible, couldn't tell it was a baby, the tech said both her hands were in front of her face and she was moving too much to get a good shot. I was disappointed.


Trish# - June 26

I had mine done 2 days shy of 30 weeks. Originally had it scheduled at 32 weeks but my OB feared we wouldn't get good pics. If you wait too long, the baby is too big (ie, can't fit its face into the frame to get a good photo...is s____nted). I have a friend who told me to wait as long as possible. Anyway, we were very pleased at 30 weeks. She did not look like an "alien"--instead a true baby...and totally has DH's lips. I'm so glad we had this done!! It's well worth the money if you ask me. Just seeing the cutie that I have to look forward to takes the fear out of labor a little bit, too.


Kara H. - June 27

I had mine done at 31wks. We had a bit of difficulty getting good face shots since he was all balled up, but my baby is measuring really big and I am fairly pet_te, so I think he was bit more crunched up than most babies are at 31wks. But even still, it was really neat and worth the money. Just be sure to drink some orange juice or something really sweet right before you go in for the u/s. That way he will move enough that you can get some good pictures.


Kara H. - June 27

Oh, I also ment to tell you to drink a HUGE amount of water in the days leading up to the appointment (maybe 2 or 3 days before). It will increase the amount of amnotic fluid you have and will help you get the best pictures possible.


louise_J - June 27

I had a 4d ultrasound round about 30 weeks and it was fantastic!



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