3rd Trimester And Weeks To Months

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1Sttimemomy - May 5

what week does third trimester start and how many months is 23weeks ?


angelbebe - May 5

You are in your sixth month and 28 weeks is the beginning of the third trimester.


1Sttimemomy - May 5

i thought when you are 24 weeks you are 6mths pregnant because 4x5=20wks ,and 4x6=24wks,4x7=28wks 4x8=32,4x9=36,4x10=40 why don't people say you are pregnant 10 months? and when i tell people i am in my sixth month they say i am still in my 5th month or they say you are suppose to say you are 5months 3weeks please help i am confused!!!!!!!!!!!!1


livdea - May 5

Personally I stick to weeks and could give a c___p about months! 28 weeks is your 3rd tri and IF I go with months I use a ten month scale and I say that I'm using the lunar scale!!! Screw months, stick to weeks!


krista-lee - May 5

third trimester begins 27/28 weeks. 23 weeks is about 5 months. : )


Evonna - May 5

I would say 27/28 like Krista-lee says. I have a pregnancy book and third trimester starts at 28 weeks. But you'll find that in other books that it'll say 27. I am 26 weeks, so that makes me 6 months. Looking into my pregnancy book right now, 23 weeks starts your 6th month and ends your 27th week. Hope this helps! = ]


angelbebe - May 6

I just went by the book "What to Expect when you're expecting." Those are the dates it uses. It depends too if you are thinking in terms of lunar months (28 days each month) or the months of the year. You are pregnant for 10 lunar months. It can be confusing. I would also just stick to weeks.


starr - May 6

Yes, it is much easier to just stick to using weeks instead of months. I am 34 wks today. At one of dr. appts the girls said you are 32 wks so you're 8 months. I'm thinking to myself how can I be 8 months already when I'm not due until June 17 which was at that time almost two months away. So when people ask me how far along I am I just tell them I have 6 more wks. left and my little princess will be here. Good luck ladies.


mia - May 7

i'm afraid i have to agree with the others when anyone asks me i tell them iv'e got 6 weeks to go.pregnancy is worked out using lunars months which is in fact 10 months but because people use the term 9 months pregnant when the baby is due wer'e all confused stick with weeks.



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