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b - August 28

hi i'm 3 weeks to my due date and i'm so scared. scared of the labor process, something going wrong with me or my baby, scared my husband will be at work when i go into labor. it's really disturbing. i lay awake at night thinking about all that stuff. anyone else feel this way or any suggestions to help me relax? thanx in advance


HP - August 28

I keep thinking the same thing. I'm 4 weeks away from due-date. Thoughts of going into labor at work, or while driving, or home alone when hubby is at work. The hospital is 30 miles away with a freeway access thats under construction. Traffic is always backed-up on that freeway, scares me all the time that I'll go into labor during busy traffic hours. I have my hospital bag packed, car seat is out of the box ready to install. Just hope that the baby will decide to come out after 8 PM when there's no traffic :)


b - August 28

one thing i'm thankful for is the fact my hospital is about 8 min away from my house and it's all backroads, and just a few houses with huge fields. sorry your hospital is so far with so many things that cause delays that has to be very stressful. i finally did all the final touches on hospital bag and got carseat installed. just waiting for the little lady to make her grand entrance. hope she comes soon. best of luck to you HP and your baby.


Tina - August 28

I started a thread called Worry wart last week because although you guys are closer to due dates than I am, I just think and worry about everything. I have never been like that in my life. But I worry about the baby, if everything will be ok, about labor, what it will be like, money, my husband, blah, blah blah...everything!! I can only imagine how bad I will be when I am as close as you are.


b - August 28

so how far along are you tina? i've always been worried about stuff like this since being pregnant actually set in. it just gets worse. you'll be sleeping and baby will suddenly shift and you'll jump up so fast thinking you're going into labor. not to mention when your alone and you get this strange pain you'll freak out. at least thats how i'am. my poor hubby thinks i'm crazy.


Tina - August 28

I am 31 weeks. And like you, my husband is convinced I am crazy!!! lol


miranda - August 28

Hey, b, today I am three weeks from my due date too! Don't be worried, everything will work out. If this is your first you will have plenty of time to get everything sorted out. It's really normal to feel nervous about everything but after it is all over you'll wonder what you were so worried about. Hang in there!


b - August 28

thanks miranda. i appreciate the kind words. yea i'm sure after they hand me my little girl i won't even remember any worries i had before. i wish that had happened yesterday. just want it to be over with and have my baby home. lots of luck to you.


HP - August 29

Good luck to you too B. From the moment we found out we were pregnant, we've been worrying non-stop. I know we'll never stop: imagine the day our baby gets sick, his first day going to school, the day he gets in trouble in school, first date, first driving lesson, it'll never stop. It all started the moment we decided to be mothers, don't you think.


carcosmo - August 30

it has something to do with our hormones that makes us dwell on stuff the truth is giving birth is the most natural thing our bodys will ever do and i do lay there at night stressing on the same things my husband works nights and building air crafts where he has about 20 different numbers to call him at and thats if the guys even hear the phone ringing and if the do there run station is about half a mile long so who knows if they can find him so we got a cell phone which he cant answer in the run stations . and with the jets running all the time he cant always hear the cell ringing eather ,,,, see what i mean its just hormones thats making us all nutty !!! but every thing will be fine for all of us ... god bless



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