40 Weeks 5 Days Measuring 45 Weeks Induce On Wednesday

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crystal74 - March 5

i am so excited, i got home today and my dr. left a message saying that the hospital is booked up for thursday, so she scheduled me for wednesday morning at 6:30am. when they induce you, does it make labor longer? what should i expect? i plan on getting epideral and iv meds because he is so big and it being my first.


crystal74 - March 5

also at my appointment for the non-stress test i had two big contractions lasting about minute and a half and i didn't feel them. is this normal?


Tammy276 - March 5

if you get the epidural, chances are you won't need the iv meds unless your contractions are unbearable before you get the epidural. Every induction is different...for some it may stall labor and make it longer and for some, it makes it faster. I was induced with my son and may be induced again with this one....I guess it all depends on how they induce you too. If they induce you w/ cervadil, they will insert a pill into your cervix and see what happens from there...or they may induce you with the pitocin drip which is what I had......being induced usually brings on your contractions a bit stronger and more often than if you went into labor on your own. After they broke my water, the contractions got way worse and thats when I asked for my epidural, but I never had any other meds...I just delt with the pain until they could administer it which wasn't long at all.


Jadejewels - March 5

I was induced with my first . I was almost 21 years old and he was nine pounds. My labor lasted 5 hours. Hope you have a speedy and safe delivery!! Congrats :)


lunamoo - March 6

If you get an epidural the chances of having IV meds and a C-section are greatly increased! Epidurals usually stall labor and hence the need of oxytocin to speed things up. Once you get one medical intervention you will be come a vicitm to medical intervention full stop. Do some of your own research and you will see. An epidural paralyses you from the waist down, naturally completely interferring with the normal birth process and you own natural hormone production to stimulate you and your baby naturally for birth. What do you mean you measure 45 weeks...? you mean fundal height? What do the drs consider "too big" for a normal natural birth!?!? I would be wary of so much intervention before you yourself try and let nature take place...


Gretta - March 6

Good luck Crystal! I am getting induced Wed too!! Yea babies!!


Kristin11 - March 6

I was induced with my daughter because my water broke but i had stalled at 4cm for dialation. I got the pitocin drip i was in labor for about 12 hours. I had a epidural later on inlabor once i was more dialted. I also didnt know i was having contractions till my water broke.


crystal74 - March 6

well i guess i'll just see how i can deal with the pain on my own. i plan on using natural methods like the positions. my dr. said that they don't even give you the epideral till your at least 7cm dilated. so i'll have to stick it out till then. i'm almost completely defaced so i'm thinking they will use pitocin. but we'll see,, i'll let you all know:) wish me luck


crystal74 - March 6

i bet he'll be almost 10 pounds and 22-23 inches long.


Cevvin - March 6

good gracious girl, good luck. Im measuring small and still scared she wont fit :P



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