40 Weeks Any Words Of Encouragement

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laura8 - January 28

i am due tomorrow but, as of my last doctor's appointment, was not dialated at all and my cervix was still high, thick, and completely closed. I haven't even dropped yet and i am begining to think this baby will never come out. does anyone have any encouraging stories of being in a similar position and going into labor???


tubbybear70 - January 28

Just hang in there~ I know, easier said than done.....Baby will come when it is ready - trust me, they know when it is time!! And yeah, it sucks when you pa__s up that date that you have looked forward to for some time.....I did it with all 4 of my pregnancies, and it is very discouraging!! Baby Dust to you!


mamagoose - January 29

I'm in the same boat... due Wednesday, but it doesn't seem like anything's happening! No signs that labour might be around the corner. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever actually go into labour... no choice but to be patient, I guess. Easier said than done!


chrissi79 - January 29

Hi Laura, I am also due tomorrow, and I haven't even BEEN checked for dialation yet! I have an appt. this morning actually and I will be asking about when I can be induced, especially now that my BP has gone up again...I've been in every other day to have it checked since last week. So I'm hoping they will induce earlier b/c of that. I have been getting SOOOO many BH's contractions the whole week too and I get all excited like maybe this time it will turn into the actual labor, but nada!!! I know they will come when they want and as long as they are healthy we should be patient, but its very very hard and I am so sick of being pregnant now!!! We feel your pain!! GL and remember to relax! :)


DB - January 29

Well, I was due yesterday (getting induced tomorrow), but at my appt last week on Wed. my cervix was open about half a fingertip, she tried to strip my membranes but she couldn't get through-ouch...By Saturday I had opened up a teeny bit more, enough to have my membranes stripped and she said the baby's head was pretty low. From the outside, I don't think I look like I dropped at all, DH didn't think so either, but she could feel it, so that was encouraging. The membrane sweep obviously didn't work though!! So, I guess maybe hopefully you did drop a little and maybe can't notice it?!?! I also measured smaller, 36cm, so I think that means she dropped down a little finally.. So over 3 days she moved down a lot. Good luck, I hope you go into labor soon, wish I would too!!


babii_boo91 - January 29

if you have ur membranes stripped u might go in i had them stripped on the 17 and had baby on th e19 and i was 5 days overdue good luck look at my labor story at babydominik.piczo.com


MommyMelissa - January 29

babii_boo91 your website is so cute!! Where'd you get all those great icons?


ILOVEMYBABY - January 29

I'm due today [January 29th], and at my last doctor's appointment, I was exactly the same as you. EXACTLY, and I doubt it's going to change anytime soon. Good Luck for both of us, hopefully something good happens in the next week. :)



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