40 Weeks And Can T Take It

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Narthax - August 9

i'm 40 weeks today and i can not take anymore. i can't sleep i'm always hungry but i can't keep anything down. i walk about a mile a day and i'm drinking the tea like it's my job.i suffering very badly from the symptoms of my fibromagalia and was wondering scince i'll be "past due" at my next dr appt how to get them to induce soon. any advice?


Penny - August 9

Hey there- I was overdue with both my boys one was 7 days OD and the other 11 days OD. It sucks I know!! Tell them at you 1 week OD appt that your not feeling the baby as much and have them do a stress check, and possibly they can do an Ultra Sound. I know with my first the aminotic fluid was low and we was going into fetal distress, and this is the only reason why they induced. Remember though they say being induced is much harder - I wouldn't know, since this is all I know. ;) Walk, walk, walk, s_x, s_x, and more s_x.......Good luck and keep us posted!!


Narthax - August 9

Thanks for the advice i uped my walking tonight to almost two miles and if i can convince my man more s_x will happen( he's feeling like meat) i'll definatly write and let you know how it went Thanks:)


Narthax - August 10

went in today they did a nst and set my induction for monday the 15 so one more weekend unless she decides diffrent thanks and wish me luck


Beth - August 10

I am only 37 weeks, but if s_x really helps even though I am not in the mood and it is uncomfortable I will have my fiance give it up every night, haa haa, he should be happy with that, he wants it every night anyways. . .I think he might catch on to my reasons though!


~S~ - August 10

I'm also 37 weeks and I don't want to be like Narthax, past due. My family is coming to see me a week and a half, they want to be here when the baby is born, so I think starting next week, I'm going to start WALKING AND WALKING AND WALKING, and strapping my man down to the bed so I can get s_x from him every night hahah...He's so afraid to have s_x, he seriously thinks he's hurting me or the baby, so I have to force him. Nipple arousal is supposed to be good for inducing too, I think I'll be getting a lot of that hahah.


Lindsey - August 10

I feel your pain...I am a little past 40 weeks and am having labor induced on Tuesday morning. My doctor automatically scheduled my induction for the first day of my 41st week and my pregnancy has been absolutely problem free, so I'm sure that with the problems you seem to be having, your doctor will have no problem recommending you for induction. I did a lot of research on induction and it seems that 41 weeks is about as early as they will do it unless there is some kind of fetal distress going on. Good luck!



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