40 Weeks And Holding

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mamagoose - January 31

Anyone else due this week and not seeing any signs of labour? Today is my due date, I've been pregnant for 280 days!!! Still no signs of any progress. I haven't had any dilation, no contractions other than maybe 1 small BH per day, haven't lost the mucous plug... Nothing! Why doesn't this baby want to come out?! I don't think my body knows how to go into labour. Anyone else?


gb_mom - January 31

My friend is due 02/02/07 ans still holding.


tubbybear70 - January 31

Hang in there mamagoose - I pa__sed my due date too - only by two days, but it is still depressing to pa__s the date that you have looked forward to for 9 months. Your cervix can do funny things - and when that baby decides to come, it may just come fast and furious! Baby Dust to you!


humairaa - January 31

Hi everyone, my due date is tomorrow on feb 1st and i m still feeling no labor signs. i told my dcotor about that and she said it's completly noraml you might go over couple more weeks so no worries hang in there :). you don't have to be worried unles you go over 42 weeks.


ILOVEMYBABY - February 1

I'm exactly the same. I was due January 29th, and nothing! My doctor checked me last week and my cervix was still thick and no dialation. Also haven't seen any mucus plug and hardly ANY Braxton Hicks. I know how you feel. Do you have a day that they plan to induce or no?


mamagoose - February 1

They told me that if I haven't delivered on my own, they'll induce me on February 9th (10 days after d-day!) That seems soooooo far away.... I can't wait that long! How about you, have they given you an induction date?


trinadan - February 1

im 40 weeks today...... it was awful waking up today and having no signs of labor... i was checked on monday and i was 1 cm and 50% effaced.. but i feel nothing.... i have to wait until at least wednesday to be induced..... its going to feel like forever


ILOVEMYBABY - February 3

I'm getting induced Feb. 7 if nothing has happened yet.


laura8 - February 3

i was due on jan 29 and nothing yet...as of last wednesday, i was 1-2cm and 70% effaced but no other signs. No mucous plug, the baby hasnt even dropped yet. i think im going crazy! I am seeing my doctor on tuesday and if nothing has happened by then, we will set a date for an induction!


mamagoose - February 3

I got one measly B-H contraction last night, and nothing else! 40w3d.... Although the baby has been almost hibernating the last few days, with only a little bit of action in the evening. I'm hoping its resting up for the big debut!!


lilnikki_0384 - February 5

I was due yesterday, I am dilated 2cm. Not really any action going on, I had more action the past few weeks rather than now. :( Good luck to all


HEATHER - February 6

well, unless they did an early u/s like under 12 weeks your dd may be a bit off, so just hang in there. the 20 week u/s is not as accurate as one done earlier.


mamagoose - February 6

fortunately or unfortunately for me, I did get an early u/s that changed my due date from Jan 23 to Jan 31... if they'd stuck with the first due date, I'd be 14 days overdue now instead of 6! Anyway, I had my week 41 appt today, and STILL NO CHANGE!!!! Not one tiny bit of effacement/dilation. I think if I'd shown any progress, this might be easier to deal with... but in the meantime, there is no end in sight to this pregnancy, AAK!


HEATHER - February 7

oh, man mama goose! I know how you feel, my last preg I set my inducement date at the last possible date, and I went into labor just a few hours on my own, I went 16 days over! im 36 weeks now and hoping I dont do the same thing.



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