40 Weeks Have To Get Fitted For Maid Of Honor Dress

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crystal74 - March 1

i'm 40 weeks and my best friend just told me that i have to get fitted for my dress within two weeks for her september wedding. she said i have to in order to have it here in time. i think it's crazy because i could still be pregnant or even right after i have the baby i'm going to look 5 /6 months still. i know i could guess my size but i hate to do that since right after recovery, i'm going on a diet and to the gym. i don't know what to do. anybody else in a predicament?


pebblesnbambam - March 1

My mom is getting married in July... one month after I have the baby... so I am a little stressed about getting back into shape.. or at least trying to get rid of some weight by then. I am sure since it not her first pregnancy that we will have casual attire... and I am going to suggest empire waists!! Good luck!


mary b - March 1

Totally!! I'm my cousin's maid of honor for her wedding in April! I would recomend that you get one or two sizes of your pre-preg size, this way you can take it in/have it altered to fit u, you won't be able to take it out...when we got fitted i compared my self w/ one of the other bridesmaids who was a similar size/height, (hoping i'm back to a size 6/8 by April 28th) High hope i guess, i'm due in 7 days...If you b___stfeed and work out you'll be back to your size way before the wedding...GOOD LUCK TO YOU!


crystal74 - March 1

thanks ladies. i plan on working my b___t of at the gym throughout the week and eating healthy and b___stfeeding. i'm going to take a year off work so i can raise my baby and that'll give me time to focus on myself too. at least i have 6 months to get into shape, i just hate to have to spend more money on getting the dress altered before the wedding. but i'll be proud that i've lost so much weight, i hope i hope i hope:):)


Tammy276 - March 1

If there is a chance you may still be pregnant, you will need to order a dress that is like 3 times bigger than normal size....even if you have the baby, they will be able to take it in to fit you, but if you order to small, you won't be able to take it out any. I am a size 3 pre-preg. and when I was supposed to be in my friends wedding, I got fitted and I had to order a size 9/10 and by the time I was 7 mos. that was tight on me...ended up having a falling out w/ that friend and didn't stand up in the wedding...but anyway...the point is, when you go in and get fitted now, make sure you order a dress that is at least 3 sizes bigger...depending on how much room and they type of fit the dress is.


crystal74 - March 1

i would rather have it too big than too small, cuz then i'm screwed. so i'll tell her my pre-pregnancy size and add a couple sizes.


Kristin11 - March 2

I am maid of honor in my sisters wedding in May. I am due in the middle of april. Not sure what size i will be.........big, little, who knows. this is my second child so i am not sure if it will be harder to lose the weight.


savy - March 2

I'm in my best friend's wedding in June, and I'm due in 4 weeks. What I'm doing is getting fitted and ordering my dress a size or 2 bigger than what i was before, and just have them take it in depending on my size at the time of the wedding. I don't know what else to do either.



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