40 Weeks Missed Due Date

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humairaa - February 7

HI, i m 40 weeks over and missed my due date on feb 1st, this is my first pregnanacy. Tomorow feb 8th, i m going to see my doctor, she is gonna do some internal examination about dialation. Should ask my doc about inducng the labour or should i wait another week to se if the labor starts naturally. Any tips would be apprecialted.


MB - February 7

Hi, your doc will probably bring up the topic of induction as time is ticking on now, they may do a internal and find that you are dilated and cervix is very soft and may want to leave you a few more days to see if you go on your own or they make check you and nothing much has happened down there and they may want to start you off. Take care and good luck.


mamagoose - February 7

I'm in the same boat... I was due the 31st, now 7 days overdue. My doctor did a non-stress test to make sure the baby is still thriving in there, you should ask for one to help you make up your mind about an induction... I think as long as both you and the baby are doing well, and there is no other medical necessity to speed up delivery, it might be better to wait a little longer before going the induction route. The reason I think that is that going into labour naturally is supposed to be a bit easier, less painful and quicker than an induced labour, and you have a better chance of delivering v____ally rather than the delivery ending in a c-section... I'm being induced at 10 days overdue, because I'm starting to have a few issues with my blood pressure, but otherwise, I think it might be worth the wait (as hard as it is!) to go into labour naturally... that being said, I'd definately be pushing for an induction before you hit the 42 week mark, but your doctor would probably be stepping in before then!


singlem0m - February 7

Your dr should talk to you about it. I was a couple days shy of 42 weeks before I had my daughter, and they had to induce me. Some babies are just comfortable in there :)


Lavender - February 8

humairaa--I agree with mamagoose. You should hold out as long as possible. I feel that doctors often induce for no reason. As long as you and the baby are both healthy, there's no reason to induce. Of course I believe natural is the way to go, including no drugs for the birth--but I seem to be the minority. Usually what happens with induction is the contractions are more painful and stronger, which makes you get an epidural and also causes more stress for the baby. Contractions from an induction are not natural, they are stronger, so if your bag of waters is broken there is no more water to equilize the pressure of the contractions--and since the contractions are stronger there is more of chance the baby will be in distress which leads to vacuum or forceps delivery or c-section. Sorry if I sound like I am repeating myself--I am exhausted!!!!! Whatever happens I hope you have a healthy baby and a pleasant birth experience. good luck!


lilnikki_0384 - February 8

I am 40wks 5d, I went to doc today. He is giving me another week. If no baby by thursday, then I will be induced. I know how you feel, good luck with everything!!


humairaa - February 8

Hi everyone, thanx for your replies, you guyz have helped me alot :). my doctor has decided to induce me on 11 of feb ,but before inducing labor i m going for an ultrsound tomorrow, she thinks that it's neccessery, everything seems fine to her baby and my health too, i m just lil nervous. Good luck to everyone



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