40 Weeks Today And No Sign Of Labor

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Depressed - May 21

I have no questions that I haven't seen answers too already. Am I the only one who feels like I'll be pregnant FOREVER?


In The Same Boat - May 21

Yeah, I do, not only that, but Monday my Dr. said I was 4 cm dialated, 75% effaced and stripped my membranes...then said to make an appt. for Thurs. but doubted I would go that long. YEAH, RIGHT! I am beyond annoyed...


Katie - May 22

I'm 41 weeks and had it in my mind that I would have my baby early just as my mom did with all 5 of hers. I was only 2 cm dialated, 50% effaced at my last appointment. Now my doctor is talking about inducing me-I never dreamed of that happening. I really enjoy being pregnant, but I also want to see my little boy.


Depressed - May 22

Hey at least yall were 4 and 2cm, I've been 1cm for 4weeks, I lost my mucus plug over the past week...I go to the Dr tomorrow and hopefully something good will come out of it :-). I feel like I'm being selfish sometimes b/c I want my little girl to hurry up and get here I really think she is just that comfortable


No longer depressed - May 29

Well I finally had my baby, on 05/25/05 and was it the most painful, joyful experience...GOOD LUCK to all of you moms to be :-)


Depressed in NC - June 16

You aren't the only one who feels that way I am 41 weeks pregnant and haven't felt any pains what so ever, So I have been pregnant forever also.


C - June 16

You can't be pregnant too much longer. The last month sucked for me but the labor was worse. Then comes a few weeks of being totally exhausted. just try to relax.


Christy - June 16

I will be 40 weeks tomorrow, and a week ago, my doctor told me that I was 3 cm and 100% effaced, then at my last appointment, 2 days ago, I was seen by a different doctor who told me that I was only 2 cm... I feel as though my pregnancy is going in reverse. Atleast we all have the comfort in knowing that it will be over eventually and we will have our long awaited newborns with us soon enough.


purplechimp211 - June 19

the same thing happened to me...i went to the hospital at 37 weeks with contractions three minutes apart...i was three centimeters dialated, 50% efaced, and she was at minus 2 station...well two weeks later nothing more has happened. i'm glad i'm not the only woman who feels like i've been pregnant forever and is really eager to get it over and done with


Maddie - June 20

Ok, same here. I was due 6-15 and I'm so ready to have this baby. 'C' - have you had your baby yet?


Barbara - June 20

I was due June 15th,no baby yet. At my Dr. appointment today I was 1cm,I'm going to be starting gel on Thursday to help me dilate...I hope something works. Good luck to everyone..No baby yet Maddie? Pretty soon....


Maddie - June 20

Barbara, you know the full moon is Wednesday here where I live. I heard that a lot of babies are born on FULL moons! =)


D - June 21

I'll be 40 weeks in 3 days, and haven't even felt any Braxton Hicks! I'm getting a little concerned since they are supposed to help your uterus prepare for birth...and I have no clue what contractions will feel like.



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