41 Weeks And Off For 3rd Induction

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Come on baby - January 9

We tried 2 days in a row last week to induce and let me just say it is a slow form of torture I am convinced. I am so disappointed that I got sent home with no baby. The doctor wanted to do a C section on the end of the second day but we really don't want one so he gave me the weekend to try to dialate some more. I even had some Cervadil which is supposed to soften the cervix. We leave tonight though for some more Cervadil and another induction in the morning. Wish us luck! Our doctor says we have to have a C section at the end of tomorrow if active labor doesn't occour. We have tried walking, s_x and even eggplant parmesean which made me gag. I can't wait to meet our baby, so I know all this will be worth it but it still is so stressful. Just needed a sounding board:) I get the feeling that this baby is just going to be stubborn just like his/her mommy hehe.Good luck to all of you other ladies out there.


Jenny L - January 9

They say that s_x, spicy foods and even drinking some castor oil can get contractions going. Good Luck


KM - January 9

I wouldn't try castor oil. If you research it is is very dangerous. All the natural things in my opinion are mostly just tales. The only thing that is half true is s_x because the prostglandins in s____n that will help soften the cervix are the same in cervidil, at a VERY concentrated dose.And walking, also is said to help get things going. I had a c-section and its really not bad at all. good luck , I hope everything works out for you and you are not dissappointed with your labour experience


Tracey - January 10

Good luck with your induction! I hope it works out for you. Just try to keep in mind that no matter what, at the end of the day (or shortly thereafter) you will have your beautiful little baby. I know you really want a v____al birth, but try to keep in mind as long as he/she comes out healthy, it doesn't really matter in the end how he/she got here! Good luck and let us know how everything goes!


saamiya - January 16

Dont got for induction till the end of 42 week ,try to relax and take care of your self,artificial methods of inducing labor can be harmfull to you and baby,try till end of 42 week and then go for c-section.BTW I am in the same situation too...:)



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